Leadership Spotlight


Michelle Yu, Class of 2018

Michelle Yu is a Recruitment Advisor at Medix, a national staffing company working primarily within the Healthcare Industry, assisting clients with their hiring needs by conducting phone screens and face to face interviews with potential candidates.

Chris Mims, Class of 2016

Chris Mims is now working at Curriculum Associates, a company with a mission to make classrooms better for teachers and students. Chris leads a team that services current partners to ensure their implementation is successful and trains new hires within the Tucson office location.

Juloni Davis, Class of 2017

Juloni Davis is a counselor at the Clare Foundation in Santa Monica, a crisis residential treatment center for adult mental health.

Natalie Larez, Class of 2019

In fall 2019, Natalie is attending the University of California, Santa Barbara to pursue a Ph.D. in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology. Natalie’s research interests include childhood trauma in underserved communities and the development of possible repercussions in multiple youth environments---schools, hospitals, juvenile detention centers, foster care, and universities/colleges. Natalie’s goal is to become a research professor and mentor for underrepresented students.

Deina Pino, Class of 2019

Deina Pino is the recipient of the Jose Promis Excellence in Study Abroad Award from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Deina is a double major in LLL and Spanish. After graduation, Deina is going to Grand Canyon University to get an MA in secondary education.

Andrea Gauthier, Class of 2019 Outstanding LLL Senior, May Convocation

Andrea is joining a Leadership Development Program with Axon, an Arizona-based company focused on public safety technology.  Congratulations, Andrea!

Jaden Mickens, Class of 2019

Jaden Mickens is heading to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland to get her Masters in Urban Teaching! 

Brian Pearse, Class of 2019

Brian is the new Tutoring Program Coordinator for Think Tank at the University of Arizona!

Sergio Castro, Class of 2018

Sergio is working on a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Arizona. Sergio’s research is on underserved students’ access to higher education.

John Gallo, Class of 2018, COE Outstanding Senior, December Convocation

John Gallo has accepted a Promising Scholar Award at the University of Oregon for a Ph.D. in School Psychology and a M.S. in Special Education.  John will begin his degree in fall 2019!  Congratulations, John!

Patrick Polanco, Class of 2018

Patrick is a Facilitator for the Guy Talk program with Child & Family Resources. Guy Talk is a program of personal empowerment and reproductive health information for boys 14-17 years of age. As a Guy Talk Facilitator, Patrick leads multiple workshop groups in high schools during the day or in an afterschool setting for 5 consecutive weeks. This summer Patrick will begin to provide curriculum training to certify others in the Guy Talk curriculum. In addition, Patrick also works as a Behavioral Health Paraprofessional (BHPP) for Zarephath, where he provides quality respite care for children ages 5-17, who have been diagnosed with behavioral health disorders.

Raymond Barton, Class of 2018

Raymond Barton is the new Staff Auditor for the Pascua Yaqui tribe. In this role, Raymond will be conducting audits on staff performance and project efficiency. Congratulations on your new position, Raymond!

Rosie Makinen, Class of 2018

Rosie is an Education Partnership Representative for Zovio (formerly Bridgepoint Education) doing corporate education benefit events for different companies across the nation.

Thea Van Gorp, Class of 2018 Outstanding LLL Senior, December Convocation

Thea is currently a Community Education Outreach Specialist at the Arizona State Museum, working with docents, community outreach and the overall education of the museum by updating, creating, and maintaining different activities within the exhibits. In fall 2019, Thea will be attending Columbia University for an MA in Informal Education. 

Ashley Batchelor, Class of 2018

Ashley is a Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Teacher Education Program in the College of Education, mentoring future educators, recruiting new participants, and designing recruitment materials for this program. Ashley is currently pursuing her Masters in English Applied Linguistics at the UA.

Zack Alexander, Class of 2018

Zack is an intern for The Crimson Tide Foundation, working with donor correspondence and donor events for athletic programs at the University of Alabama.  Zack is currently working on an MA in Sports Business Management Program at the University of Alabama.

Renna Bazlen, Class of 2018

Renna Bazlen is now a site coordinator for the Reading Partnership, a literacy non-profit that works with Title I elementary students in San Francisco. Previously Renna interned for the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies in the UC Hastings School of Law in San Francisco.

Cristal Robles Banuelos, Class of 2018 Outstanding LLL Senior, May Convocation

Cristal is getting her Master's Degree in Higher Education and is a Graduate Assistant in the UA Office of Academic Success and Achievement.

Angel Stone, Class of 2018

Angel Stone is the Coach Coordinator for the Reading Seed program at Literacy Connects.  Reading Seed supports K-5 students to become lifelong learners who are confident in their love of literature.  Angel plans events and supports 450 Reading Seed volunteer coaches across Tucson. This year Angel was also the Chairperson of the Children and Teens Committee for the Tucson Festival of Books. 

Betty Yu, Class of 2018

Betty is teaching English in Mongolia for the Peace Corps!

Nicole Del Principe, Class of 2018

Nicole Del Principe is teaching Dance and Physical Education at Sabino High School (Tucson Unified School District).

Sarah Azhar, Class of 2018

After a summer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA working as an E-Learning Development Intern, Sarah moved to New York City where she is working on an MA in Digital Media Design at New York University learning how to design educational media such as games, apps, kid shows, and museum exhibits.

Kenny Briggs, Class of 2017

Kenny is a Youth in Transition Case Manager for The Guidance Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Alison Irwin, Class of 2017

Alison is the Associate Director of YMCA Camp Mohawk in Litchfield, Connecticut. Camp Mohawk is an all-girls YMCA camp that was established in 1920.

Stephanie Choi, Class of 2017, COE Outstanding Senior, May Convocation

After several years in Cleveland at the Department of Sustainability working on renewable energy projects for the county, Stephanie is starting a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing at UMass Boston in fall 2019.

Spencer Brickell, Class of 2016

Spencer Brickell is an Instructional Systems Designer for KeyBridge Technologies, Inc. in Oklahoma City. Spencer received her MA in Adult Education from the University of Oklahoma and is now working on a Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology!

Oscar Guerin, Class of 2016

Oscar is Practice Manager at Lichfield Family Medicine Clinic and Estrella Health Center in Phoenix, overseeing the day to day operations, employee engagement, and development.

Monika Cabrera, Class of 2016

Monika is a former AmeriCorps member who worked as a Student Services Navigator for Youth On Their Own (YOTO), a local nonprofit in Tucson, AZ.  When Monika’s AmeriCorps term ended in August 2017, she was permanently hired by the Youth On Their Own team as a Program Coordinator, connecting local students to community resources.

Paige Moffet, Class of 2016

Paige Moffet is the Program Director for Language South’s El Pueblo Spanish camp, a new Spanish immersion camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As Program Director, Paige leads staff in the implementation of the camp curriculum and runs workshops related to programming, reflection, community, and diversity. 

Amanda Agate, Class of 2015

Amanda graduated in May 2019 with her MA in English Applied Linguistics. Amanda is now the Global Teach and Learn Coordinator for UAGlobal. In this role Amanda is responsible for developing content and teaching success courses to students in UA Micro-campuses around the world.

Angel Navarro, Class of 2015

Angel is a Learning Specialist at the UA Think Tank. Think Tank is a U of A centralized system that supports students to develop their academic and personal life skills to their full potential. As a Learning Specialist, Angel works one-on-one with students in the Schedule for Success program, so that they are successful at the U of A. Angel is working on an MEd in Educational Leadership.

Lacey Smyth, Class of 2015, COE Outstanding Senior, May Convocation

Lacey is a Learning Specialist for Student-Athletes at Oregon State University, working with an academically at-risk population of student-athletes to build their organizational, time management, and study skills through weekly meetings.  Lacey also oversees the Mentor Program for athletes at  OSU.

Elizabeth (Kelly) Marsalla, Class of 2014

Elizabeth is the Senior Program Coordinator for the UA Institute of the Environment. In this role, Elizabeth plans events and programming for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and guests of UA in areas concerning the environment. Elizabeth is also the Coordinator of the UA Carson Scholars program supporting the faculty mentors and graduate scholars in their year-long fellowship. The UA Carson Scholars program selects top graduate students across disciplines in areas concerning the environment and trains them in the art of effective science communication, so they are able to reach wider audiences and engage more deeply with the communities their work impacts.

Monique Perez, Class of 2014

In summer 2017, Monique was selected for a 10-week internship program at the Library of Congress as part of the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities Internship Program. Monique worked as a Program Support Assistant for the Internship & Fellowship Programs Division at the Library of Congress, a program that oversees over 80 programs throughout the Library of Congress. In 2019, Monique received her MA in Library & Information Science at the UA and now works as the youth and young adult librarian for the Mission Branch of Pima County Public Libraries.

Current Students

Rena Mendoza, Class of 2019

Rena Mendoza is the new student board member for the local nonprofit organization, Literacy Connects. Rena is also the new digital coordinator for LLL. Rena is an AZ Online student, working and interning with San Miguel High School in Tucson, coordinating their peer tutor program.

Class of 2020

Tony Viola, Joseph Sturm, Gabrielle Rivas, Victoria Rodriguez (Class of 2018), Laura Juarez, and Giselle Delsid have been selected for UROC/AWARDSS, a paid, research program for both undergraduates and graduates in the College of Education!  Congratulations to all of you!

Joseph Sturm, Class of 2020

Joseph will be serving as the College of Education's senator in ASUA for the 2019-2020 school year!