Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

The Department of Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies (TLS) is a diverse community of internationally recognized faculty with a commitment to equity, access, and social justice. The Department houses two programs: Language, Reading & Culture (LRC) and Teaching & Teacher Education (TTE). We have internationally recognized faculty and graduate programs in literacy acquisition, sociocultural theory, Indigenous education, heritage-language revitalization, the study of households and community settings, children’s and adolescent literatures and literacy, science and mathematics education, environmental learning and sustainability, curriculum theory, classroom organization and management, and teacher education and development.

Department Head: Marcy Wood

Teacher certification programs in TLS include undergraduate degree programs in Early Childhood Education (birth-age 8) and Elementary Education (grades K-8), with a Bilingual Endorsement option. We are now offering a teaching degree through a new partnership with Sunnyside Unified School District called Pathways to Teaching. At the graduate level, the Teach Arizona program (available in Tucson and Phoenix/Chandler) leads to a master's degree with certification as a teacher of Math, Science, English, American government, History, or Spanish in middle or high schools (grades 7-12). Additional programs lead to endorsements in bilingual education, reading, and English as a Second Language (ESL). For more information on teacher certification programs, go to the certification programs page.

Other undergraduate non-certification programs include Literacy, Learning and Leadership and Adolescents, Community, and Education (ACE) Minor.

Graduate programs in TLS are described here and include degrees in Language, Reading & Culture (M.A.), Teaching & Teacher Education (M.A.M.Ed.) and Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies (Ph.D.). The LRC masters program revolves around the study of the teaching and learning of literacy and biliteracy in the educational context of cultural and linguistic diversity. Related program position statements can be found here. The TTE masters programs focus on a wide variety of aspects of teaching and learning, including teacher preparation and development, curriculum theory and policy, and subject-specific content such as mathematics and science. Teachers in Industry is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focused program providing in-service middle and high school teachers a combination of paid summer work in Arizona businesses and industries with intensive coursework that leads either to a Masters Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits, depending on individual needs. The doctoral program in Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies (TLS) prepares students to investigate and address a broad range of issues in teaching and learning. Emphasizing a sociocultural perspective, the program nurtures innovative ways of knowing, methods of inquiry, and approaches to problem-solving.

Visiting Scholars
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Position Statement on Social Justice

In March of 2014, TLSS faculty and staff unanimously approved a position statement committing ourselves to principles of equity, diversity and an academic climate dedicated to social justice. This commitment reflects an orientation to our goals and practices in education as well as the stance that individuals bring a variety of linguistic, social, and cognitive strengths from their families and communities into the classroom. As a department, we commit to holding one another and ourselves accountable, through our research and practice, to rejecting entrenched inequalities and to cultivating new discourses as groundwork for imagining new social worlds.

As you contemplate applying to our department for undergraduate or graduate degree programs, please review this statement. The principles in this statement and the overall orientation underlying them will be reflected in your course work and in the academic expectations we have for you.

Please click here to view the Position Statement on Social Justice. 

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