Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with Bilingual Option, B.A.E., Language Reading & Culture

Bilingual education, designed to teach children in their home language in addition to English, is an important part of many public schools in the Southwest. The College of Education offers two undergraduate programs in bilingual education. Both programs require student teaching be done in a bilingual setting. This enhances the overall program and prepares students for diverse classrooms.

Currently the bilingual option and bilingual minor are designed for Spanish/English students. The Department of Language, Reading and Culture offers other language options at the graduate level.

The elementary education program's bilingual option requires an additional 18 units in bilingual education. The secondary education bilingual minor requires 21 units in bilingual education. Both programs include coursework in bilingual foundations and philosophy, methodology, linguistics and culture.

For prerequisites and the proper sequence of bilingual coursework, check with College of Education faculty or the Office of Admissions, Advising & Student Services.

To receive an Institutional Recommendation (IR) from the college for the state endorsement for Spanish/English bilingual education at either the elementary or secondary level, you must pass the Spanish Language Proficiency Examination. Information on this examination is available through the Office of Admissions, Advising & Student Services.

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