Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, B.A.E.

Picture a brighter future!

Now you can receive a bachelor’s degree and also be certified to teach children birth through age 8.

Even before your student teaching begins, you’ll take your methods courses at a local school and work in early childhood classrooms. This gives you the opportunity to apply what you’re learning in a real classroom with real children. By the time you graduate, you’ll know exactly what it’s like working with young children in schools. Another benefit: All our school sites are chosen for their excellent teachers and programs.

The value of a cohort

The Early Childhood Education Program is a cohort program that begins in the fall semester and continues for two years.

In the cohort setting, you proceed through the program with a group of students as focused and dedicated as you are.

Throughout your four semesters, you will observe and work with children in preschool and K-3 educational settings. You will complete student teaching in both preschool and K-3 classrooms.

Your classes and work in preschool and K-3 educational settings complement each other, as theory and practice blend together for a perfect mix!


Master the best ways to:

  • Create developmentally appropriate and appealing learning environments for young children
  • Reflect on your own teaching to create equitable learning for all students
  • Design, plan, and implement early childhood instruction
  • Modify instruction and learning environments based on the children in your classroom
  • Develop and maintain communication with children’s family and community members

Download the brochure for this program (pdf, 176kb)