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We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Teach Arizona cohort, which begins in May. For inquiries about the program, please contact teach@email.arizona.edu.​

Earn your master's degree and become certified to teach grades 6-12.

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Coursework and internship Faculty is dedicated to student success and satisfaction Same tuition rate for Arizona residents and nonresidents Specialize in your content area: Math, Science, English, Social studies, or World languages

Teach Arizona provides a unique blend of theoretical study and extensive real-world training making it the perfect path for passionate, dedicated professionals, who are interested in becoming a well-prepared, expertly trained high school or middle school teacher.

The program offers full-time classroom study followed by full-time field experience, two learning opportunities simultaneously. This unique approach allows students to immediately apply what they have learned in their graduate courses to their secondary school classrooms. Our graduates consistently report that this structure enhances their ability to teach effectively both during the program and beyond.

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