Teach Arizona Master of Education Program

The Teach Arizona program has two locations, one in Tucson and one in Chandler with the next cohorts beginning in May 2014.

For students in Pima County, Teach Arizona will be presented in its traditional face-to-face format at the University of Arizona, with student teaching internships occurring in Pima County school districts.  For students in northern Pinal County and Maricopa County, Teach Arizona will be presented in a hybrid format, with student teaching internships occurring in Maricopa and Pinal County school districts.  The hybrid coursework for the Chandler-based program will include online instruction, as well as required monthly face-to-face meetings at UA Chandler in the Chandler Community Center.

Both the Tucson-based and Chandler-based programs will follow the same Program of Study, including the year-long, half-day student teaching field experience.

In the Teach Arizona application, you will be asked to indicate your intention to apply for the Tucson-based face-to-face program or the Chandler-based hybrid program.

Program Overview

Teach Arizona is a fast, one-year master’s degree program for people who have earned a bachelor’s degree and want to become teachers in one of the following areas:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • General Science
  • Spanish
  • English
  • History
  • Political Science/American Government
  • Middle School Social Studies(history and political science units only)
  • Economics

Upon completion of the program, students earn a Master's of Education Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education and are eligible for Arizona secondary teacher certification (grades 7-12). Following completion of the Teach Arizona program, graduates may complete two additional courses and teach for one year in grades 7-9 to be eligible for a middle school endorsement to teach grades 5-6.

Admission Criteria

To be considered for the Teach Arizona program, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited four-year institution. You may also have a graduate degree.
  • Strong background with approximately 24 units in the content area you hope to teach (in ONE of the above bulleted content areas).
  • 3.0 GPA – calculated by use of the undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00 (at least 60 semester units at graduating institution) or, if undergraduate GPA is less than a 3.00, the GPA will be calculated on the most recently completed 60 transfer units. No professional program credits will be counted (law, medicine, etc.).
  • 3.0 GPA in content area coursework.
  • Completion of a Graduate College Application, including a $75 fee.
  • Résumé
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Essays
  • Official transcripts from each institution you have attended
  • Applicants need not have taken the GRE exam

* To determine if this program is a good fit for you, you might want to read the FAQs.

Courses and Timeline

Teach Arizona is a cohort program, which means that all admitted students begin the program together, take coursework together and finish as a group. Coursework begins in May, 2014 and ends in May, 2015.
It is full-time, encompassing a full summer, fall and spring schedule of classes. During the program, students intern in public schools for the full school year (fall and spring semesters). Interns transition from observations to guided teaching experiences and finally to full responsibility for teaching two sections. Teach Arizona interns follow the fall and spring calendars of the schools where they are assigned.

Courses in the Program:

EDP 558 - Educational Tests and Measurements (3 units)                              Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

EDP 510 - Learning Theory in Education (3 units)                                              Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

LRC 535 - Content Area Literacy in a Multicultural School (3 units)                 Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

LRC 516 - Structured English Immersion Foundations (3 units)                     Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

SERP 596C - Introduction to Special Learning Needs(3 units)                        Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 593 - Fall Semester Internship (6 units)                                                       Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 536 - Alternatives in the Secondary Classroom (3 units)                          Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 597R- Action Research Workshop (3 units)                                                Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

Content Methods: (1 only)

TTE 523 - Science Methods (3 units)                                                       Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 524 - Math Methods (3 units)                                                             Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 527 - Social Studies Methods (3 units)                                            Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 540- English Methods (3 units)                                                         Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 596C- Spanish Methods (3 units)                                                     Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 593 - Spring Semester Internship (6 units)                                                  Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

TTE 539- Recent Research on Teaching (3 units)                                              Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

LRC 517- Structured English Immersion Methods (3 units)                             Tucson Syllabus     Chandler Syllabus

Below are links to the Tucson and Chandler Programs of Study.  Once in the Program of Study, you can click on each course number to be linked to that course's syllabus.

Click to see the Tucson Program of Study for 2014-15

Click to see the Chandler Program of Study for 2014-15

Application and Selection Process

Applications for the May 2014- May 2015 cohorts in Tucson and Chandler are now available online. The priority deadline to apply was January 31, 2014. The Tucson cohort has been filled and applications are no longer being accepted. Our Chandler cohort is still accepting applications to all subject areas.  Completed applications will be reviewed by an admission team from the College of Education, and applicants will be contacted regarding interviews shortly thereafter.   Interviews will be the final factor in the selection process.

The application fee is $75.  Both the Tucson-based face-to-face program and the Chandler-based online hybrid program follow the same application process.  However, when completing the application, please note that you have to specify to which program you are applying.  It is extremely important that you apply to the correct degree program in Teaching and Teacher Education.  Teach Arizona is a Master of Education program, not a Master of Arts program.   You will create an account and then proceed to the application.

Click here for application webpage.

Program Cost

2013-14 tuition and fees for residents for summer Pre-Session, Summer I & II, Fall, and Spring were approximately $18,188.  Non-resident tuition and fees were approximately $34,060. Tuition and fees for the 2014-15 program may increase. Books and parking are extra.

Financial Assistance

To find out more about various types of assistance available, click here.

For additional information, please visit our Financial Planning & Resources page.

Teach Arizona Directors & Staff

Barry Roth, roth@email.arizona.edu
Patty Stowers, pstowers@email.arizona.edu

Chandler Coordinator
Kathy Rutowski, krutowski@email.arizona.edu

Outreach Coordinator
Brianna Greeno, bagreeno@email.arizona.edu