Research Development Support

The Research Support Team connects faculty and staff to resources, opportunities, and programs. 

The Research Support Team (RST) provides assistance to PIs at every phase of their research projects, from proposal to closeout. College of Education PIs are encouraged to use the Research Support Team, regardless of project size, sponsor, dollar amount, or whether it is a primary or subcontracted project. The Research Support Team supports proposals and projects routed through Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) and the University of Arizona Foundation (UAF).


Sara Chavarria, Assistant Dean of Research Development and Outreach

Courtney Coffey, Grants and Contracts Coordinator

Susan Richards, Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration

Margo Sallet, Business Manager

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Pre-Award and Post-Award Activities
Credit and F & A Splits Explained
If You Are a Co-PI
Research Gateway
RDI Seminars and Workshops
Internal Funding Opportunities
Upcoming External Funding Opportunities
PIVOT Funding Database
Limited Submissions Announcements
Spencer Foundation 
Information on Human Subjects/IRB

Pre-Award Process

Please go here for a more detailed description of each step. 

  What the grant writer needs to do When Contact
* = required by PI
1 Proposal Discovery. Schedule meeting with Sara to explore research opportunity.  Optional but recommended, when Colleague Letter goes out. At least 3 months prior to deadline. Sara Chavarria
2* Schedule COE Proposal Development Meeting with Grants Team Contact Courtney as soon as you decide to apply and she will schedule this meeting.  Courtney Coffey
3* Turn in COE Proposal Development Checklist form

2 days before the scheduled COE Proposal Development Meeting. If possible, decide on any
Credit and F& A splits between yourself and Co-PIs prior to this meeting. 

Courtney Coffey

4* First Budget Meeting 1 month before final submission Margo Sallet

Additional budget meeting(s)

As needed Margo Sallet

Proposal Preparation
PI completes budget, budget justification and abstract.  All 3 items are submitted through UA Research for departmental and SPS review. PI continues working on other pieces of the proposal and sends to Courtney to upload.

7 working days prior to final submission to SPS.
If needed, revisions to budget and justification with PI approval and resubmission to SPS will take place.
Courtney Coffey
6* Application form and final narrative. Courtney will complete any required application form on your behalf. Send her documents (abstract, other required documents) well in advance. You may send her the final narrative as late as 1 day before SPS deadline.  4 working days prior to sponsor deadline.  Courtney Coffey
7* Submission. The final grant application must be sent to SPS 3 working days before the sponsor deadline. SPS submits all grant proposals to sponsors as the UA's Authorized Representative.  PI must be available for troubleshooting. Courtney Coffey
8* Troubleshooting Last 2 days in SPS. PI must be available.  Courtney Coffey