Jenny J. Lee

Jenny J. Lee is a Professor at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona. She is currently the co-editor of the book series, Studies in Global Higher Education. She formerly served as a NAFSA Senior Fellow, the Chair for the Council of International Higher Education and Board of Directors for the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). 

Dr. Lee's latest research encompasses a range of key higher education issues that center on the internationalization of higher education.  Her past research topics have included student engagement, community outreach, and organizational behaviors in the US as well as abroad. Her ongoing research on international students mobility and experiences in the US, South Africa, Mexico, and Korea over the past decade have especially been cited widely. 

Dr. Lee has authored and co-authored over 100 publications in these aforementioned research areas. Her articles have appeared in the top journals of higher education, including Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, Journal of College Student Development, Harvard Educational Review, and others.  She is currently on the editorial boards for Higher Education, Religion and Education, and the Journal of Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education and formerly served on many others.  Dr. Lee has been recognized and awarded by the American College Personnel Association as an Emerging Scholar and an Erasmus Scholar by the UA College of Education. She is also the recipient of the Excellence in Global Education Award by the Office of Global Initiatives in 2017 and the Outstanding Faculty Award by the Asian American Faculty, Staff & Alumni Association in 2009, both at the University of Arizona.  She was also recognized as one of the nation's top emerging scholars by Diverse Issues in Higher Education in 2011.

Dr. Lee served as a Global Professor at Korea University, an Honorary Visiting Scholar in City University, London and was a Fulbright Scholar to South Africa at the University of Pretoria.  She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  Her latest research investigates international student mobility within the African continent.

Dr. Lee teaches courses on comparative higher education, values and consciousness, and research design.


You can read some of her recent op-eds here:

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