Funding and College Affordability Planning for Future Educators

This resource is designed to help students and their parents plan for college funding. It provides a broad scope of federal aid as well as resources specifically for the University of Arizona, the College of Education, and future educators.

GLOSSARY (summarized from
: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (All students should submit the FAFSA)
: Money that does not have to be repaid; based on merit, financial need, or both depending on the criteria
Grant: Money that does not have to be repaid; usually need-based
Fellowship: Like a scholarship, a fellowship is money that does not have to be repaid.
Loan: Money you borrow that must be repaid

  • Subsidized: Need-based; interest does not accrue while in school
  • Unsubsidized: Interest does accrue while in school  

Deferment: A period during which repayment of your loan is temporarily delayed
Forbearance: Allows you to temporarily postpone or reduce your loan payments
Forgiveness: Allows you to not repay your loans; also known as cancellation or discharge


    Funding and College Affordability     Funding and College Affordability

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    The content on these webpages was accurate as of January 29, 2019. Please visit links for updated information. This resource is not comprehensive and does not guarantee that students will receive funding; it is for general guidance only.