State Endorsements through the College of Education

Endorsements are attachments to teaching certificates and indicate areas of specialization. They are for grades K-12 unless otherwise indicated. Once issued, endorsements are automatically renewed with the teaching certificate on which it was posted. Endorsements are approved only by the State Department of Education (the College of Education does not sign off on endorsements). For more information on endorsements, please see the ADE’s website.

For a list of Endorsement Programs click here.

The UA College of Education offers the following endorsements:


Bilingual Education
Bilingual education, designed to teach children in their home language in addition to English, is an important part of many public schools in the Southwest. Our program requires student teaching be done in a bilingual setting. This enhances the overall program and prepares students for diverse classrooms.

Currently the bilingual option is designed for Spanish/English speaking students.

The elementary education program's bilingual option requires units in bilingual education, including coursework in bilingual foundations and philosophy, methodology, linguistics and culture.

For prerequisites and the proper sequence of bilingual coursework, check with College of Education faculty or the  Office of Admissions, Advising & Student Services.

To receive an Institutional Recommendation (IR) from the college for the state endorsement for Spanish/English bilingual education at either the elementary or secondary level, you must pass the Spanish Language Proficiency Examination. Information on this examination is available through the Office of Admissions, Advising & Student Services.

ESL Endorsement for Elementary Education
The ESL endorsement allows you to teach in ESL and traditional classrooms. The Arizona Department of Education requires at least 6 units in a single second language, which is satisfied through meeting the foundation requirements of the Elementary degree. The ESL coursework is built within the Elementary program.

Graduate (These endorsements are offered through the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies)

Bilingual Endorsement (21 units)
The following courses must be taken as part of the M.A. to meet state endorsement requirements: TLS 504, 510, 512, 514, and  528, TLS 694a Bilingual Practicum, ENGL 508 (or 613) or TLS 516.

Students seeking Arizona Bilingual Certification must possess an Arizona Teaching Certificate and pass the Language Proficiency Examination.  The Arizona Classroom Proficiency Examination (SPE) is administered in Tucson three times a year (March, June, and October).  Proficiency in American Indian Languages will be determined by the designated tribal official.  For other languages, consult a bilingual education advisor.  Student seeking Arizona Bilingual Endorsement must consult a bilingual education advisor.  Obtaining the master’s degree in BME does not grant the certificate or the endorsement.

ESL Endorsement (21 units)
Choose one course from each of the following categories: 

  • Foundations: TLS 510
  • Linguistics: TLS 504, TLS 652 or TLS 654
  • ESL Methods: ENGL 508, ENGL 613, or TLS 516
  • Reading/Writing Curriculum & Assessment: LRC 527, TLS 528, TLS 514, LRC 635 (need 6 hours)
  • Culture: TLS 512
  • Practicum: TLS 578, or TLS 694a (or equivalent experience)