Eliane B. Rubinstein-Avila

Eliane Rubinstein-Avila, is a Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, & Sociocultural Studies. She earned an A.A. from San Francisco Community College (1987), shortly after immigrating from Brazil, an M.A. in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from San Francisco State University (1994), an M.Ed (1997) in Human Development from Harvard University, and an Ed.D. (2001) in Language and Literacy from Harvard University.

Dr. Rubinstein-Avila’s courses and research focus on qualitative research, case studies in literacy research, immigration and education, teaching students for whom English is an additional language, and the ways in which bilingualism, race, ethnicity, gender and culture intersect with formal schooling and out-of-school educational contexts.

Dr. Rubinstein-Avila was awarded the 2008 COE faculty research award. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as: Educational Leadership, Journal of Adult & Adolescent Literacy, English Education, Changing English, Linguistics & Education, Hispania, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, Journal of Bilingual Research, and Reading Research Quarterly. She is an ad-hoc reviewer for several journals in the field of language and literacy research, and is a member of the editorial board of Latinos and Education and the Journal of Ethnography and Qualitative Research.

Dr. Rubinstein-Avila also writes a monthly column in a local Spanish newspaper (La estrella de Tucson). She will be on sabbatical leave during the 2008/09 academic year, conducting an ethnographic study on Latin American youths’ engagement with the Internet in public Internet Cafes, which will culminate in a book.