Fingerprint Clearance

All students must have identity verified fingerprint (IVP) clearance in order to obtain certification to teach in Arizona. Applicants to all College of Education professional preparation programs must have their fingerprint clearance completed by the time they apply for admission to the program. Students who fail to receive a fingerprint clearance card will not be enrolled for professional classes.

In order to obtain a fingerprint clearance card, we recommend that you utilize the services of an area business, Fieldprint Arizona.  The University of Arizona is not affiliated with this business and is not responsible for any transactions you conduct with this office.  You can obtain information, apply for your card, and schedule a fingerprinting appointment here:  Fieldprint Website for Fingerprint Clearance Services. Please refer to the instruction guide to ensure you obtain the proper type of card. The nearest location is University Postal located at 1718 E Speedway Blvd.

If you have any questions regarding fingerprinting, please contact Student Services at 520-621-7865.