Upcoming External Education Funding Opportunities

Plan Ahead for January 2020

William T. Grant Foundation. Their mission is to support programs and research that focuses on reducing inequality amongst youth, whether inequality is on the basis of race, ethnicity, economic standing, language minority status or immigrant origins. What programs/ policies/ practices reduce inequality in academic, social behavioral and economic outcomes?

Develop a Letter of Inquiry as a first step towards working with WTG. A wealth of information about their mission and what they fund is on their website. Two funding categories:

Improving Use of Research Evidence

Reducing Inequality

Next submission deadline is Jan, 2020. LOIs are accepted May 1 and August 1. If you are interested, talk with Lee O’Rourke. A WTG representative will be on campus this spring and you may be able to meet with them and discuss your research interests.

June 2019 Deadline

National Endowment for the Humanities: Humanities Initiatives at Hispanic-Serving Institutions. Due June 12, 2019. Supports a variety of projects focused on the humanities (including history, literature, composition and writing skills). Projects include bridge programs for URM and non-traditional students; creation of humanities resources for teaching; collaborative projects in the humanities between institutions; and professional development for teachers.