PH.D. in Teaching & Teacher Education with Specialization in Teaching Mexican-American Students

The Specialization in Teaching Mexican-American Students provides doctoral students with a unique opportunity to focus on the teaching and learning of Mexican-American students.

Admission Requirements

  • 3.5 GPA, with defined exceptions on a provisional basis
  • GRE Scores -Minimum combined verbal and quantitative of 297
  • Master's degree with thesis or its equivalent in education or a related field from an accredited college or university
  • 15 units of previous coursework in education
  • Two years of full-time teaching experience
  • Three letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a college or university professor)
  • Writing sample (Essay must be included with the Graduate College Application)


  • TTE Major Core (7 units )
    • TTE 696C First Year Doctoral Seminar (1 unit, Fall, to be taken the first semester)
    • TTE 696B Research on Teaching (3 units; Fall, to be taken during the first two years)
    • TTE 696A Research on Teacher Education (3 units; Spring, to be taken after the first two years)
  • Research Methods (Minimum of 13 units)
    • EDP 541 Quantitative/Inferential Methods in Education (4 units; Fall and Summer)
    • LRC 605 or HED 605 Qualitative Methods in Education (3 units; Fall and Spring)
    • Advanced Quantitative or Qualitative Course (3 units; semesters vary)
    • TTE 602 Dissertation Proposal Design (3 units; Spring)
  • Research Experience (6-12 units)
    • TTE 793 Internship - A minimum of 6 units of supervised internship must be completed with a focus on classroom studies and/or teacher education. Additional units may be specified, as necessary, by the candidate's major committee
  • Major Supportive Coursework in TTE (Minimum of 15 units)
    • TTE 596c Teaching Mexican American Students
    • TTE 537 Equity in Schools and Society
    • TTE/MAS 575 Education of Latina/os
  • Other possible courses.  Students have a rich and deep array of courses to choose from within the Department of Teaching, Learning, & Sociocultural Studies, from both the Teaching & Teacher Education program and Language, Reading, & Culture program.  Other University departments such as Mexican American & Raza Studies, Special Education, Rehabilitation & School Counseling,   Latin American Studies, and the UA interdisciplinary program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT)  also offer relevant courses. The following are examples of commonly recommended courses for the specialization in teaching Mexican American students.  Courses are selected in consultation with a student’s major advisor based on each doctoral student’s background and research interests.
    • LRC 641 Immigration and Education
    • LRC 510 Foundations of Second Language Acquisition
    • MAS 595 Public History in Mexican American Communities
    • MAS 529 The U.S.-Mexican Borderlands in Comparative Perspective
    • SERP 535 Assessment of Bilingual Exceptional Learners
    • SERP 536 Teaching Bilingual Exceptional Learners
  • Minor (Minimum of 9 units; students may minor in TTE or in another department)
  • Dissertation (18 units)


Milestones Toward the Degree

Click here for the program's Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines.

  • Qualifying Examination Procedures
    • The examination must be completed prior to the 24th unit of credit after admission to the doctoral program. The examination will include an oral defense of a scholarly paper written by the student, and a discussion and approval of the student's program of study for the degree.

  • Comprehensive Exams
    • A three part exam (2 written and 1 oral) given prior to dissertation work.

  • Dissertation Proposal Meeting
    • Upon completion of the written dissertation proposal, students defend their proposal in front of their dissertation committee.

  • Final Examination
    • Oral defense of the dissertation as well as any general questions to the field of study.


Residency Requirement

  • To meet the minimum Graduate College residence requirement, the student must complete a minimum of 30 units of graduate credit in residence at The University of Arizona, (18 units of dissertation plus 12 units of regular graded coursework taken at The University of Arizona). "In residence" is defined as units offered by The University of Arizona, whether or not they are offered on campus.

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