Master of Arts, M.A. Science Education Emphasis

This degree requires students to focus graduate course work in science, education and science education. Science Education Emphasis Strand: This strand focuses on the curriculum and the instruction of science in the classroom. Both core courses and science education courses are taken in the College of Education. At least 12 units comprising science content are taken in other appropriate colleges.


  • B.A./B.S. degree in education or a related field from an accredited four-year institution.
  • GPA of 3.0 figured on the last 60 units with defined exceptions on a provisional basis. Provisional admission may be made to applicants who meet all criteria, but fall between 2.5 and 3.0 in their GPA.
  • Fifteen units of previous coursework should be within preservice education.
  • Provisional admission may be granted to applicants who meet all other admission criteria, but have not completed 15 units of preservice education course work, with the provision that the coursework be completed within the first year of their M.A. program.
  • One year of teaching in a full-time instructional position within a school setting. Student teaching can count as part of this required instructional experience. Students may meet with an advisor in TTE to clarify exceptions about the above entrance requirements. Upon acceptance in the TTE program, the student should schedule a meeting with his or her assigned advisor to discuss the procedures within the program.


(Also see our graduate course descriptions )

  • Major Core (9 units)
    • TLS 570 Introduction to Educational Research.
    • TLS 539 Recent Research on Teaching and Schooling
    • TLS 545 Curriculum Theory and Policy
  • Supporting Coursework (24 units)
    • The Science Education Emphasis requires 6 units of coursework selected from these courses in the Department of Teaching and Teacher Education:
      • TTE 520 The School Curriculum: Science
      • TLS 533 Issues in Science Education
      • TTE 510 Advanced Science Methods
      • TLS 596 Topics in Teacher Education: How Children Learn Science
    • To enhance the Science Education Emphasis we recommend that the student take 3 units of coursework that represents the social, cultural, historical or philosophical aspects of the nature of science. Courses include:
      • TLS 596 Topics in Teacher Education: History & Philosophy of Science for Science Teachers
      • PHIL 421/ ECOL 421 Philosophy of the Biological Sciences
      • PHIL 423 Philosophy of the Physical Sciences
      • TLS 435/535 Content Area Literacy in a Multicultural School
    • To complete the Science Education Emphasis outside department requirements, an additional 15 units must be taken. These units must consist of at least 12 units of graduate science. All courses and a plan of study must be approved by a committee composed of at least a TLS and a science content advisor.
  • Supervised Field Experience (6 units)
    • TLS 593 Internship An internship is required of students who do not have at least 2 years of teaching experience by the completion of the M.A. degree. These units are beyond the minimal 33 required units.


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