Teacher Certification Programs


Target Student
K – 8
Elementary Education
4 semester cohort program includes teaching foundations, academic concentration, teaching methods and student teaching
Undergraduates interested in teaching who have strong lower-division background in language arts, math, science, social studies and the arts
4 semesters
PreK - 3
Early Childhood Education
4 semester cohort program includes teaching foundations, advanced courses, methods courses and student teaching in both preschool and
K - 3 classrooms
Undergraduates interested in early childhood education and guiding the development of young children ages birth through 8
4 semesters
K - 12
Mild - Moderate Disabilities
3 semester sequence of coursework, 1 semester supervised internship designed to prepare special education teachers to teach students with mild/moderate disabilities in K – 12 settings
Undergraduates interested in working with students with mild/moderate disabilities in the areas of learning disabilities, mental retardation, and emotional/behavioral disorders
4 semesters
6 - 12
Teach Arizona Secondary Grades
(Graduate Program)
1-year master’s degree program for people who have earned a bachelor’s degree and want to become teachers in a content area
Graduate students interested in teaching math, physics, chemistry, biology, sciences, Spanish, English, history in a secondary education setting
12 months
K - 12
Mild - Moderate Disabilities (Graduate Program)
Graduate program which prepares students to teach a broad range of students with mild disabilities
38 credits
Students with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study, though applicants who do not hold a current teaching certificate may be required to complete some additional coursework
K - 12
Severe and Multiple Disabilities (Graduate Program)
Prepares teachers with Arizona certification to teach students with severe and multiple physical and cognitive disabilities
Teachers interested in teaching students with severe/multiple disabilities, especially in general education settings
Birth – grade 12
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
(Graduate Program)
Online program that prepares teachers with Arizona certification to teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Teachers interested in working with children with varying degrees of hearing loss as well as across multiple educational placements
Birth - grade 12
Visual Impairment (Graduate Program)
2 graduate-level programs leading to a specialization in teaching children who are visually impaired--TVI, or Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and O&M or Orientation and Mobility Specialist.
Students with a bachelor's degree in education or a related field such as rehabilitation counseling, sociology, or psychology