What graduates and school districts say about Teach Arizona …

Student Testimonials


  • "I don't know what aspect of the Teach AZ program prepared me more for my first teaching job: the top-notch instruction in theory and methodology, or spending an entire school year in the classroom as student teacher--observing, lesson planning, leading the class, attending planning meetings, and meeting with parents. I felt like a 2nd-year teacher the day I first stepped into my own classroom."  -- Kirby Mittlemeier, Teach Arizona Graduate
  • “Teach Arizona has provided me with the knowledge, resources, and confidence to be well-equipped for my first year of teaching.  I know that after the internship and classes that I am more than ready to give my students the education they deserve.”  -- Samantha Kirby, Teach Arizona Graduate
  • “Teach Arizona gave me the foundation to excel in the classroom.  The program is rigorous but I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way, and I was mentored by outstanding educators who brought learning theory and practical experience into the classroom.   As a result of the intensive year-long internship and tools available to me, I was able to interview successfully and accepted my dream job months before graduation.”  -- Madeleine Crespo, Teach Arizona Graduate
  • “As a Teach Arizona graduate, I can attest that the comprehensive nature of the program increased my capacity to have an immediate impact in the classroom. As a school principal, I seek to hire as many Teach Arizona graduates as possible as I am keenly aware of their professionalism and preparedness.”  -- Dr. Kristin Reidy, Assistant Superintendent, Marana Unified School District
  • "If I hire a person from Teach Arizona I am guaranteed a teacher that is well prepared for the rigor of being a classroom teacher. Not only are they prepared pedagogically but they come with an understanding of the importance of building relationships with students."  -- Dr. Allison Murphy, Former Principal, Marana High School
  • “Teach Arizona connects a deep understanding of learning theory with rigorous classroom observations and practice, resulting in highly trained teachers that we hire the minute they graduate.”  -- Dr. Nic Clement, Former Superintendent, Flowing Wells School District