Post-Baccalaureate Information

What post-baccalaureate programs are available?

Elementary Education (grades K-8). 

How many semesters are required for completion of a post-bac program, and what courses will I take?

Full-time students can usually complete a post-bac program in four semesters if all pre-requisites are met.

Coursework varies for each program. All post-bac students will spend their final semester in student teaching.  The three preceding semesters are a mix of coursework taught on campus at the University of Arizona, and part are taught at a local elementary school. The program is full-time.

I am interested in applying to a post-bac program. What should I do now?

Call the Office of Student Services at (520) 621-7865 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Keep in mind that in addition to applying to the College of Education, you must also apply to UA as a non-degree seeking student.  Contact an academic advisor in the College of Education for instructions.