Sam Steen

I am the Director of the counseling program at the University of Arizona, a counselor educator and a practitioner-researcher.  I served as a professional school counselor for 10 years prior to entering academia and have spent approximately 8 years consulting, collaborating and conducting school based research within public schools in Washington DC. My experience as a practitioner heavily shapes my research agenda, my approach to teaching, and my choices for service. Currently, two objectives guide my scholarship: 1) To further develop creative and culturally responsive school-based counseling interventions that improve student achievement; including The Achieving Success Everyday Group Model (ASE Group Model) (Steen, 2007, 2011, Steen et al., 2014; under review ) that is designed to promote personal-social development and academic achievement for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds and the Books 2 Basketball program and curriculum which captures ideas that have helped me become a successful professional educator, and 2) To explore issues related to the training and preparation of pre-service counselors and school counselors in the local, regional, and national community. This scholarship has the potential to enhance the experiences of marginalized students in schools. School-based mental health practitioners can play a role in improving personal-social development, academic achievement and expanding career aspirations among students.