Research in the News

February 2016

Huffington Post blog: The NPE grade card gives a real-world view of state school policies

January 2016

Inside Higher Ed: Averting tragedy before it occurs How advocates maintain message after awareness week

December 2015 Arizona's model for English-language learning seems stuck

November 2015

September 2015

ASU News:Program for Transborder Communities helps get research that matters off the ground

August 2015

In these times: 10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans’ All-Charter District Has Proven a Failure

Campus Circle: UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians

Inside Higher Ed: Developing Adjuncts

Tucsonnewsnow: Amaranth Diabetes Foundation Presents $500,000 Donation to the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation to Sponsor Four Promising Projects in Diabetes Research

UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:
UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians - See more at:

July 2015

La Presna San Diego: Latinos are the new majority in CA, but not in our textbooks

May 2015

UA News: UA employees honored for research, leadership

UA News: Program builds resiliency in veterans

Fusion: White masculinity is a problem for America's colleges, professors say

Women's eNews: For the sound of gender bias, check my phone mail

The Washington Times: More than 1 way to got Greek at University of Minnesota

April 2015

Blog, The Hill: Revenge porn laws need to do more than punish the offenders

Latina: Professor teaches class on " The Problem of Whiteness" and gets tons of backlash

March 2015

Ischoolguide: UA researchers to study link between sleep deprivation, child's interest in STEM

Seattle Times: Oklahoma incident spotlights race problems at fraternities UA to study effects of sleep patterns on STEM education

UA News: 'Z-Factor' to explore sleep, learning link

February 2015

Arizona Daily Independent: U of A Mexican American Studies head passes away

KVOA: Local woman sheds light on recent measles outbreak

Phoenix New Times' blogs: ASU under fire from the right over a professor's 'problem of whiteness' class

January 2015

Insider Higher Ed: The (out-of) state university   

KGUN9: New study finds link between TUSD ethnic courses, improved graduation rates   

December 2014

Bias on ethnic studies? Look in the mirror

Researchers link student achievement to defunct Mexican-American studies program in Arizona

November 2014

Researchers link student achievement to defunct Mexican-American studies program in Arizona (Greenfield Reporter)

Do anti-bullying campaigns even work?

Can ethnic studies improve student achievement? (NBC)

Common core standards: Can they make a difference for uncommon learners with visual impairments?

October 2014

UA Granted $2.5M to Expand Training for Rehabilitation Counselors

Professor Bruce Johnson visiting the Earthkeepers training center in Bolivia

September 2014

Major survey of international students in South Africa

August 2014

Feminism in China: risky but rising, the vaChina monologues

How colleges are hurting students by exploiting adjunct professors

July 2014

Bill Gates on higher ed/outsorced adjuncts: This week on 'this week @ Inside Higher Ed' (Audio)

Why "engineering" teacher evaluation systems is best

A push for ethnic studies in Texas schools

May 2014

An inquiry into inquiry

MindPlay launches new web-based reading program

April 2014

The Voice featuring Ronald Marx (video)

Why aren't minority high school grads college-ready?

March 2014

New report: Widening education gap in Arizona affects students and the economy

Francesca Lopez (video)

Two conferences on high-stakes teacher evaluation (video)

February 2014

Arizona's education poor, and the future's not bright, according to report

Bad education: Fewer that one in ten minority Arizona grads 'college ready'

UIC faculty claim higher cause

Looking back, looking forward: Arizona's minority student progress report

January 2014

But we're not laughing: White male college students' racial joking and what this says about "post-racial" discourse

In the war on poverty, don't forget refugees

How for-profit institutions peddle college to the poor

Congress takes note

December 2013

AZ Illustrated Nature: Monday, January 6, 2014 (video)

Increase of interest in interpreting program sparks higher admission competition

November 2013

UA program gives students real-world experience working with deaf children (video)

Addressing the growing demand for sign language interpreters

Educational film about cyberbullying and sexting

Unusual OSA suspects

Parents should not be held liable for cyberbullying

UA math app blends numbers, animal lessons

October 2013

Scorecard for scorecards

UA course not all fun and games

iOgrapher LLC and the University of Arizona Project FOCUS to help students with disabilities learn filmmaking techniques on the iPad mini

UA class analyzes language through word puzzles

Panel debates online anonymity, privacy

Universities exploit adjuncts, hinder learning

Not too expensive to fix

Bullying campaigns might not work

Colleges mine data to help students stay on course

Online anonymity to be focus of Oct. 22 debate

AZ Week: Bringing bullying to an end in society

Q & A: Helping young adults with mental health issues

September 2013

Kids with varied vocabulary can do better in school (video)

Have an idea for an app? There's an office for that

Adjunct professors are the new working poor

How to learn on your feet

Helping ensure students are "Algebra Ready"

August 2013

U.S. researchers file brief with U.S. Supreme Court opposing Michigan's proposal 2 and ban on affirmative action

Tracing student failure in algebra to the upper elementary grades

Yetta Goodman to be keynote speaker

The truth behind dyslexia

July 2013

Back to the drawing board

Find on-campus support for international students

June 2013

Professor Milem weighs in on affirmative action decision

UA Faculty expert informs U.S. Supreme Court on case

Changing the culture of schooling, paso por paso

Team improves technologies for youth with visual impairments

May 2013

Out-of-state college enrollment crowds out poor and minority students: report

Study finds considerable improvement in teacher training

New UA center to help schools prepare high-tech workforce

April 2013

UA STEM Learning Center prepares for launch

Paths to literacy for visually impaired students

March 2013

Sleep apnea linked to behavioral problems

Project FOCUS gives disable students hope for college

Project offers path to college for intellectually disabled

The UA STEM Learning Center: Improving lives in Arizona

February 2013

UA program addresses national school safety concerns

A long struggle for equality in schools

Banned in Arizona

November 2012

Ethnic studies could return to Tucson in desegregation plan

Want more evidence that Mexican-American Studies works?

TUSD has new plan for racial balance; There's new research on Ethnic Studies

Mexican American Studies: Tucson courses improved achievement, new report says

The vindication of Mexican-American Studies

October 2012

Education faculty member earns Fulbright

How diversity trumped equity -- and may kill affirmative action

UA lands $1M grant to train special education professors

Affirmative action ban affecting diversity at the University of Arizona

Professor Jeffrey Milem co-develops amicus brief for U.S. Supreme Court (blog)

August 2012

Professor Jeffrey Milem co-develops amicus brief for U.S. Supreme Court

Raytheon collaborating with UA to improve STEM education

UA mentors make a difference

Neto's Tucson: UA mentors helping high school students-to-be

April 2012

Federal grant funds UA educational software expansion

Education dean receives endowed chair

March 2012

UA joins STEM movement

Fom free to organized play

UA SIFE project:  Food 4 Thought

February 2012

Awards and accolades

January 2012

Young diabetics struggle to sleep

December 2011

An abandoned home becomes a shining star

A pathway for solving problems

UA couple among first MASTER-IP graduates

The present, future value of leadership

Changing early childhood education

November 2011

Recognizing a cyberbully

September 2011

Day 3 of the ethnic-studies appeal hearings includes testimony from pro-ethnic studies witnesses

August 2011

UA student teacher efforts earn high mark

June 2011

From wonder years to college years

UA awarded $2.5M in grants to improve education in AZ training

May 2011

Telling research on bullying

April 2011

UA-educated teachers are well-prepared

Anti-immigration legislation puts future of state in jeopardy

March 2011

UA teaches middle schoolers about education careers

Arizona is immigration debate's ground zero with Hispanic majority view

Ethnic studies debate continues

February 2011

Dean Marx discusses strategies for connecting students to the possibility of higher education

Exploring the diversity around us

UA awarded $1.5 M to study human-fire-climate interactions

November 2010

Cyberbullying on the rise

Graduate Programs grow less diverse without racial preference, research suggests

Program to aid students with intellectual disabilities

 Special-Ed grads to get new path at UA

 October 2010

A Diversity Action Blueprint: Policy Parameters and Model Practices for Higher Education Institutions

July 2010

Early childhood education reform gets a much-needed boost

Arizona's English learners face segregation, low self-esteem

Associate Dean Milem talks about ethnic studies (video)

Associate Dean Milem talks about ethnic studies (audio)

International student leaders learn, grow at UA

June 2010

New program to train charter school leaders

Lessons in service, life and compassion

Globe at Night promoting the value of dark skies, joins forces with our Cooper Center

April 2010

Maximizing classroom time for future teachers

Teach Arizona to train some of the nation's top students of color