Pre-Award Process for Grants, Contracts, and Research

1. Proposal Discovery - Contact Sara
In her capacity as Assistant Dean for Research Development and Outreach, Sara will work with you to identify research themes and goals and connect with PIs across campus to develop and submit proposals of all sizes and types. For foundation funding, please contact Emma Mendenhall to access FoundationSearch

2. Proposal Development Meeting - Contact Courtney
Notify Courtney of your intent to apply and be sure to provide link to the RFP or solicitation. She will schedule a proposal development meeting with the RST.

3. Complete the Checklist. Courtney will email a Proposal Development Checklist to you. Send the completed checklist to Courtney before the Proposal Development meeting. If possible, decide on any Credit and F & A splits between you and your Co-PI(s) before this meeting. 

4. Budget Building - Contact Margo

Margo will work with you to build your budget using her knowledge of federal, sponsor, and UA budgeting policies and allowable costs. Please note that Margo does not create subcontract budgets. The subcontract PI provides his/her own budget, justification, and scope of work, which must be routed with the COE PI's budget, justification and abstract, and any other documents requiring SPS review and signature. 

Cost sharing is a departmental and college commitment, consequently, your department head and the dean must approve it before the proposal can be submitted. Some sponsors, such as NSF, prohibit voluntary cost sharing. SPS cannot prohibit voluntary cost sharing, but they do discourage it due to the substantial administrative, financial, and reporting responsibilities associated with it.

5. Proposal Preparation
Required for SPS routing, it need not be the official summary abstract you will submit to the sponsor. At minimum, it should include the working title, a statement of the purpose of the research problem, the scope of work, and the list of PIs and their roles.

Budget Justification 
The justification is the narrative version of the budget and allows you to explain requested budget items. The level of detail to include depends on sponsor requirements. 

Routing to Sponsored Project Services
All routing is electronic, through UAccess Research (UAR). The UAR Doc consists of the budget, justification, abstract, and any applicable documents or stipulations. Courtney will prepare and submit the UAR Doc for routing at least 10 business days before the sponsor deadline. PIs, dept heads, and deans will receive a notification to login to UAR to approve, which automatically routes it to the next level and then finally to SPS for approval. 

For UA Foundation proposals, contact Lee O'Rourke before beginning work on the proposal to ascertain whether special conditions or requirements exist. The Research Support Team will also assist with these proposals.

6. Application Form and Final Narrative
Courtney will complete any required application forms on your behalf. Send her documents (narrative, other required documents) well in advance so that she has time to review before uploading to the application. You may give her the final narrative as late as 1 day before SPS deadline.

7. Submission
'The final grant application must be sent to SPS at least 3 working days before the sponsor deadline. SPS submits all grant proposals to sponsors as the University's authorized representative. 

8. Troubleshooting
After submitting the grant application to SPS, the PI must be available in the event that SPS has questions. SPS will inform CoE and the PI once the application has been received by the sponsor. 

Credit and F & A Splits Explained
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If You Are a Co-PI

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