Post-Award Process for Grants, Contents, and Research

1. Post-Award Meeting - contact Margo
Once you have been notified of your award by the sponsor (or prime recipient if you are the subawardee), Margo will schedule a post award meeting with you, the department head, the department administrative assistant who will provide support, and the RST to discuss changes in the budget or any other terms of the award and clarify who will be responsible for the various administrative functions required to support it. If SPS appears not to have been notified, please forward your award notice to them at

2. Account Set-up
Sponsored Projects sets up the account after receipt of a notice of award and funding (or funding authority) from the sponsor. Project spending and hiring cannot begin notice that the account is funded is sent by SPS.

On occasion, pre-account set-up funding must be established if you need to buy equipment, hire personnel, etc., on the account before it is funded. Backstop approval from the Dean's office is required. Once the account is set up, your department is responsible for moving those expenditures to your project account.

3. Grant Management

Hiring and Expense Management
Your project admin will prepare all hiring and expenditure-related forms to be reviewed and approved by Margo.

Incoming awards are set up by SPS. Outgoing subcontracts are more complicated and take several weeks to process. To initiate or extend an outgoing subcontract, contact Courtney. For assistance with existing subcontracts, contact Margo.

You must comply with the sponsor’s financial and progress reporting requirements. You will likely receive reminders from your sponsor as reporting deadlines approach. Margo will work with you on the financial piece. Courtney will assist with navigating the website, completing the narrative components and report submission.

No-Cost Extension 
If your project is not finished by the end of the award period, you may request a No-Cost Extension (NCE) from the sponsor. Usually, this requires an email request to SPS, who then forwards it to the sponsor, preferably at least 30 calendar days before the end date. The sponsor will notify you and SPS that the extension request has been granted. Note: NCEs are solely for the completion of the project. Expenses cannot be used to spend down the award balance! Expenses may even trigger an audit.

Your sponsor will require a final report. Margo and the SPS fund accountant will perform an account audit to ensure all expenditures and balances are accounted for and will sign off per the sponsor’s requirement. Goals and outcomes must also be reported to the sponsor in order to successfully end the project. Margo will assist with the budget reporting and Courtney will assist with the submission.

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