Paul A. Schutz

Paul A. Schutz is an interim chair of the Department of Educational Psychology. His research interests include emotions in education, teacher identity development, race and ethnicity in educational contexts, and research methods and methodologies. He is a past president of the American Psychological Associations Division 15: Educational Psychology, a former co-editor of the Educational Researcher: Research News and Comments, and a co-editor of the upcoming Handbook of Educational Psychology, Volume 4. Recent publications include “Developing a mixed methods proposal: A practical guide for beginning researchers” (DeCuir-Gunby, & Schutz, 2017); “Research on teacher identity: Mapping challenges and innovations” (Schutz, Hong, & Cross Francis, 2018); and, “Understanding critical race research methods and methodologies: Lessons from the field” DeCuir-Gunby, Chapman, & Schutz, (2019).