Highest Accolades Earned by Professor Emeritus Moll

Highest Accolades Earned by Professor Emeritus Moll
Louis Moll
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 10:15am

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Luis Moll, who is the recipient of the 2018 George and Louise Spindler Award. The Spindler Award is granted to scholars and practitioners whose achievements in educational anthropology have significantly advanced the quality of the design or delivery of educational services.
Moll is the fourth College of Education recipient of the Spindler Award. Our previous recipients include Professor Emeritus Norma Gonzalez (2017), Professor Perry Gilmore (2016), and former Associate Professor Teresa McCarty (2010).
In addition to this award, Moll was honored with two other awards this semester: the National Council of Teachers of English Outstanding Elementary Educator in the English Language Arts Award and the Literacy Research Association Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award.