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New Instructor Workshop

Promoting an inclusive and respectful campus and classroom climate.


Safe Zone LBGTQ

Racial Cultural Diversity

How to tell Someone they Sound Racist video


The Think Tank offers writing, mathematics, science, and more general academic skills tutoring to students on campus.  Instructors can refer students to the Think Tank if they need additional support in developing any of these areas in order to be successful in your class.  Instructors can also make use of the Think Tank for developing their own skills and to get additional feedback on assignments before they are given to students.  For more information, visit the website here:

Summer 2015 Presentation PASS Students

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is well known for the mission of supporting inclusive learning environments and students with disabilities, but instructors are not always aware of the resources DRC has to support classroom teaching.  DRC offers instructor tools for understanding student accommodations as well as tips and techniques for creating inclusive courses.  For more information, visit the website here:

Disability Resources

The Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA)’s mission is to support instructors across campus.  If you are considering how to better incorporate technology (e.g., clickers, Panopto) or d2l into your class, the OIA is your first stop.  They also provide resources and support for instructors as they develop their instructional design, online courses, classroom assessment, instructional strategies, and course-specific technologies and tools.  To learn more and to see what upcoming workshops are scheduled for instructors, visit the website here:

D2L Help

To access the New Instructor Orientation site do the following:

1.       Log onto D2L (
2.      In the red navigation bar at the top of the screen, click on Self Registration
3.      In the course offering code column (left column) Find D2L Tutorials New Instructor Orientation
4.      Click on the blue link  D2L Instructor Orientation
5.      Click on the Register button
6.      Click on the Submit button

The Dean of Students Office supports students in course/class-related aspects as well as in aspects of a student’s life outside of the classroom.  Instructors can contact the Dean of Students office when they have concerns about the wellbeing of students in their classes, whether it is students in need of additional advocacy as they deal with challenges that impede their ability to be academically successful or a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  For more information, visit the website here:

The Best Laid Plans 2015

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Copyright and Instruction

Assessment & Grading




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