Inspire Our Faculty


In order to attract, support and retain outstanding faculty members, we need private philanthropic support to fund endowed chairs and professorships.  In so doing, we will provide support to selected faculty leaders to continue to maintain world class stature of the College of Education’s instructional programs, research and service to the community. In turn, this would enhance the success of our students as they become teachers, educators, counselors and leaders in education, health, non-profits and more.  Our bottom line is that our children attending schools in Arizona and across the country benefit!




In recent years, the College has battled other universities to retain our terrific faculty, losing only a few to other universities around the country.  Those few were junior faculty whose careers were rising thanks to their outstanding research and teaching. Over the near and mid-term, the College simply needs additional resources to remain competitive and keep our fabulous talent here in Arizona. 

We are proposing funding of a number of endowed chairs and professorship in areas such as Early Childhood Education, Family and Children Literacy, STEM Education, and Education Leadership.  Each area has a need for an Endowed Chair, Professorships and Fellowships supporting that chair. 

IMPACT - This College naming of Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships supports the University’s strategic plan, Never Settle. As a one stop shop for engaged learners looking to better themselves with the best the UA community has to offer, our College will increase graduates pursuing careers in education fields; retain our best faculty; ensure graduates achieve their greatest potential with our dynamic programs; and; and introduce create innovation in education.   Students come to the College with dreams and leave with the direction, confidence, and purpose they need to make the best of their futures. We want this innovative community of students, faculty, and professional staff to be a place for growth, and give every individual the ability to chart their path to success.  Our successes ensure that children in schools in Arizona and the country are successful.  High quality education in our country enables us to be secure in our democracy and economy.

Each named Endowed Chair/Professorship/Fellowships that is funded by donors enables the College to sustain a great team of faculty that would benefit our students seeking careers in education field and beyond.

You can start your named Endowed Chair, Professorships, or Fellowships fund today in honor of or in memory of a loved one. 


Please contact the College of Education Development Office for more information and assistance.

Lee O'Rourke
Director of Development