About Giving

Why Give?

Your financial support is essential if the University of Arizona College of Education is to fulfill its vision of a day when …

 … every new teacher starts work with a full school year of classroom training and experience

 … every child entering kindergarten in Arizona is physically and emotionally healthy, well-prepared, and ready to learn

 … every Hispanic, African American, or other minority student in Arizona has equal access to a college education and is as prepared for success and graduation as are the majority

 … every student in Arizona values the importance of giving back to his or her community, helping others and life-long learning 

 … people with disabilities have lifelong access to community services and every opportunity to achieve their goals

 … the full scope of educational priorities has a prominent voice in our local, state, and national conversations.   

Types of Gifts

​There are many ways to support the College:
Gifts of Cash

Checks should be made payable to UA Foundation with a note in the memo section specifying your intent to support the College of Education or a specific program, endowment or activity within the College.  All checks should be sent to the College of Education Office of Development, PO Box 210069, Tucson, AZ 85721.

To pay by credit card, visit us here!

Matching Gift Program

Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees and employee spouses or retirees.  You can find out if your company has a matching gift policy by sending an email to the college development office: rickzurow@email.arizona.edu.

After you confirm that your company is eligible, fill out a form provided by your employer and send it to us with your gift.  We will ensure that it is properly processed by the UA Foundation.


Gifts of appreciated securities can provide special tax advantages including: a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the gift and avoidance of capital gains taxes.

Accepted appreciated securities include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds

How to donate: The simplest and most efficient way to make a gift of any security is to instruct your broker or banker to transfer the security to the University of Arizona Foundation.  To arrange for a gift, you or your broker may contact Ken Dildine, Vice President, Fiduciary Compliance and Gift Transactions: kend@al.arizona.edu.

Real Estate

​Gifts of real estate are sold quickly and converted into cash for use by the College of Education.  All real estate gifted to the college through the UA Foundation is on the market for sale. 

Types of accepted real estate:

  • Vacant Land
  • Residential property
  • Commercial property

For more information, visit the UA Foundation website at: http://www.uafoundation.org/guide/real_estate/


Endowments are the mechanism by which the College of Education grows and which allow it to plan for its future.  Endowments provide an income stream in perpetuity that secure te college's venture into new programs, scholarship commitments and permanent growth.  The one-time gift of $10,000 or more is invested as part of the entire university endowment pool and a portion of the pool's interest is returned to the college each year for spending.

Currently, the UA Foundation's endowment payout is four percent annually, so a $25,000 endowment fund will return $1,000 to the college every year forever.

Gift Planning and Deferred Gifts

Bequests, charitable gift annuities and life insurance gifts are just a few of myriad options available from the UA Foundation.

The gift planning website offers articles, questionnaires and planning tips and many other resources for people considering a deferred gift.  Learn more at http://uafoundation.org/guide/

For More Information

We invite and encourage you to explore the many ways you may be involved in the life of the College of Education.  Send your questions to Rick Zurow, Director of Development at rickzurow@email.arizona.edu or at 520-621-7143 or Lee O'Rourke, Assistant Director of Development at lorourke@email.arizona.edu or at 520-621-3413.

Make a gift online at uafoundation.org/giving/Education or visit us for directions on How to Give