Information Forms for University Supervisors

Evaluation Instruments

The assessment forms are to be used as the formal student teaching assessment instruments twice during the semester, once at the mid term and once as the final assessment.  The data on each assessment should be the result of a three way conference held with the mentor teacher, the student teacher and the university supervisor.  Each assessment form must be signed and dated before being submitted to the Office of Field Experiences.

The assessment used for the student teacher depends on the professional preparation program of your student teacher. 

The CREATE (Communities as Resources in Early Childhood Teacher Education) program students (Birth – Pre-K) are evaluated using the Birth-PreK Early Childhood Student Teacher Assessment
The CREATE program students (K-3) are evaluated using the K -3 Early Childhood Student Teacher Assessment.

All other student teachers are evaluated using the Student Teacher Assessment.  (Elementary Program (Grades 1-8) and Special Ed Program (Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-12).

If you are unsure as to the program your student teacher is currently enrolled in, please check with the Director of Field Experiences who will be able to direct you to the correct instrument.

Reference information regarding the student teacher assessment for the elementary program, including a scoring guide, may be in the Supervisor Assessment Guide.

Responsibility Schedule

The purpose of completing the responsibility schedule at the beginning of the semester is to allow the mentor and student teacher the opportunity to create a semester long plan.  In this way, sufficient time may be allotted to develop the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become a teacher.  It is understood that this plan may be revised during the semester as circumstances warrant.  The Office of Field Experiences will not collect these plans; they are to remain with the supervisor for reference during the semester.

Early Childhood Observations Involving the Cultural Community Story Boxes

In the Birth-Pre-K portion of the Early Childhood Education Program, two of the supervisors' six observations will involve the students' work with their chosen Cultural Community Story Box. One of those observations will be providing feedback on the Story Box engagement, the other on a play center developed as a result of the Story Box implementation.  Forms for those specific observations, may be accessed through the following links:  Story Box Engagement Observation Form, Play Center Observation Form.
Please prepare one copy of each for and submit each to Bob Wortman when completed. Bob is the instructor for the related course and his email is

Mileage Forms

There are two forms required by the business office in order for supervisors to be reimbursed for mileage.  The first form, the travel authorization form, authorizes you to travel and that form needs to be received in our office prior to your travel during the semester. Virginia Gonzalez does this form for you in our office.  The second form, program supervisor mileage form, must be to our office after your semester's travel is complete, on or before December 7, 207 for fall semester and  May 3, 2018 for Spring 2018.  This form is located in your supervisor binder.  It is a record of which sites you visited on which dates.  Odometer readings and mileage counts are not required.  Mileage is paid at a flat rate and is paid once at the conclusion of the semester.   Call or email Virginia Gonzalez with any questions.  520.621.5906

Text Assignments

As an instructor, text assigments are your decisions.  An optional assignment resource can be found here.