Information Forms for Students

Evaluation Instruments

Student teachers are regularly observed throughout the semester in their student teaching placement and are provided ongoing feedback after each observation.  University supervisors use a variety of data gathering instruments during these observations.  However, the mid term and final assessment forms are standardized and are provided for students at the beginning of the student teaching experience.  In this way, student teachers can understand the depth and breadth of the standards that are expected of them. 

Student teachers participate in a three way conference with their mentor teacher and their university supervisor twice during the semester, once at the midterm and once at the final.  During the three way conference, the university supervisor gathers input regarding each standard from the mentor teacher and the student teacher and uses this input to inform the final evaluation document s/he prepares which is then signed by all parties.

The forms are provided for student reference and may be completed by the student in preparation for the three way conferences.  However, the university supervisor prepares the final document for signatures and makes final decisions regarding comments and rubric scores on the instrument.

The assessment used for the student teacher depends your professional preparation program.

The CREATE (Communities as Resources in Early Childhood Teacher Education) program students (Birth - PreK) are evaluated using the Birth-PreK Early Childhood Student Teacher Assessment
The CREATE program students (K-3) are evaluated using the  K -3 Early Childhood Student Teacher Assessment.  The scoring rubric for the K-3 Early Childhood Student Teacher Assessment can be found here.
All other student teachers are evaluated using the Student Teacher Assessment. ( Elementary Program (Grades 1-8) and Special Ed Program (Mild/Moderate Disabilities K-12).
Reference information regarding the student teacher assessment for the elementary and the mild moderate disabilities special education programs, including the scoring rubric, can be found in the Supervisor Assessment Guide.  


Responsibility Schedule 
The purpose of completing the responsibility schedule at the beginning of the semester is to allow the mentor and student teacher the opportunity to create a semester long plan.  In this way, sufficient time may be allotted to develop the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become a teacher.  It is understood that this plan may be revised during the semester as circumstances warrant.

Practicum and Student Teaching in Tucson Unified  School District (TUSD)

Students who are assigned a practicum or student teaching experience in a classroom setting in a Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) school are required to complete and submit an online form found at the following link before your onsite field work begins:

Your site coordinator will ask you to sign a document verifying that you have completed this form before you begin your field work in a TUSD school.