Office of Field Experiences


Welcome to the Office of Field Experiences website.  Our office is committed to providing the College of Education students with positive, professional and practical field experiences throughout their program. Elementary students begin their field experience during their TLS 300 class and continue with field work throughout their program, with field work culminating in a student teaching setting which takes place the semester before graduation.  Early childhood students begin their field experience during their first semester in the program as well, in TLS 394E.  This program, referred to as CREATE, differs from the elementary program in that it requires two semesters of student teaching during the program.

Our office is staffed with a director, Maggie Shafer, an administrative associate, Virginia Gonzalez, and from time to time, a student worker.  Staff members work with students to ensure successful field experiences. These experiences will enable students to enter the education profession as enthusiastic and effective teachers.

Student Teaching Course Syllabi TLS 493

If you are registered to student teach this spring (2019), you will want to click on the appropriate red link below to review your course syllabus.  Your course instructor/supervisor's contact information appears at the top of the syllabus.

Be sure to click on the correct course. Your course number will be also provided to you on your folder at the student teacher business meeting on January 7, 2019.

All TLS courses listed below share a common social justice position statement which is embraced by our TLS faculty members.  A hard copy of this statement will be provided to all teacher candidates at our "Student Teacher Business" meeting on January 7, 2019.  Click here for online access.

TLS 493 A - This course is for students who are elementary majors.  
TLS 493D - This course is for students who are early childhood majors student teaching in either their junior or senior year.
TLS 493 E - This course is for students who are elementary majors who are also earning either an English as a Second Language (ESL) or a Bilingual Endorsement.
SERP 493 - This course is for students in DPS who are student teaching in the Mild Moderate K-12 Teacher Prep Program. DPS students will receive their syllabi from DPS.


Fingerprint Clearance Information

Fingerprint clearance is required for College of Education Admission and fingerprint clearance cards are routinely checked by the Office of Field Experiences to be sure they are valid.    To be clear,  in order for any University of Arizona student to participate in field experience related to university coursework of any kind, the student must possess a valid Arizona State IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card, and present that card to the Office of Field Experiences.   The Arizona Department of Public Safety provides information about this clearance within the following link DPS Fingerprint Link.  

We recommend that you utilize the services of an area business, Fieldprint Arizona, to obtain your fingerprint clearance card.  The University of Arizona is not affiliated with this business and is not repsonsible for any transactions you conduct with this office.  Students in past semesters report satisfaction with their services.  You can obtain information here and schedule an appointment as well.  Fieldprint Website for Fingerprint Clearance Services .  We have provided helpful directions via screenshots at the following link, should you need help answering the questions. Instruction Guide for Fieldprint Services to Obtain the Proper Card

If you would rather complete the entire fingerprint process in person at a local police station, stop by Student Services for a fingerprint packet.  Please note that this process takes longer than the online services and students have sometimes reported that they had to redo the application because of processing errors, but it does work and is a viable option.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FINGERPRINT CLEARANCE CARD AND PLAN TO TAKE A COURSE WITH A PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE this spring  (2019) or fall (2019), WHICH INCLUDES TLS 3OO Classroom Processes and Instruction, follow the steps in the link above as soon as possible.  If you have lost your card, follow the steps to apply for a duplicate right away.  You cannot begin your field work until you have received your clearance card in the mail and we have seen the card.  It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks after applying to receive clearance, longer if research is required, so do not delay in applying. 


Student Teaching Applications

Applications for student teaching for Spring 2019 are now closed.   
Applications for Fall 2019 Student Teaching will be available at the links below in January/February 2019.  Maggie Shafer will visit your cohort site and walk you through the application sometime before February 30, 2019..  Additionally, there will be a student teaching business meeting held (location TBA) on Monday, January 7th, 2019, rom 3:30 to 5:30 pm, at the Lodge on the Desert on Alvernon Road for all senior students in the elem and ECE programs who will be student teaching in the Spring of 2019 to review student teaching expectations and for students to apply for their UA institutional recommendation. Students will also meet with their assigned supervisors at that time.  This is a required meeting and all student teachers must attend. 

Early Childhood Program Student Teaching Application
Elementary Student Teaching Application 
Special Education (Mild Moderate Program) Student Teaching Application

Students apply to student teach the semester before they are placed in a classroom as a student teacher.  The application process involves an online application, which requires that each student upload a current photo.  The application asks for the names of school sites, grades and teacher names of previous classroom placements, so have those on hand when you begin the application.  You may be required to meet with the Director of Field Experiences and your site coordinator before your placement is made.

You are also required to create a resumé the semester before student teaching for your Field Experiences file. A hard copy of this document should be submitted to your site coordinator by October 30, 2018 for Spring 2019 student teachers.  First year CREATE program students, student teaching in their junior year, are exempt from this requirement.  A sample resumé was created for your use and can be found here.  UA Career Services provides support for resumes and may be contacted at Career Services Website.  A complete guide to writing a resumé can be found at UA Career Services Resume Guide.

Students must meet all academic prerequisites and have a 3.0 GPA to student teach.   Academic advisors confirm eligibility for all student teachers. Students must also have a current, valid, Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP fingerprint clearance card.

Student teachers in the elementary program are required to student teach for a minimum of 75 days and have full responsibility or fully shared responsibility using the co-teaching model, for all planning, and instruction for four weeks, Early Childhood program students are required to student teach for 60 days during two separate Spring semesters within their program.  Their first student teaching experience with be in a birth-preschool setting and their second student teaching assignment will be in a kindergarten through 2nd grade classroom.  Students report to their schools when their cooperating/mentor teachers report for the semester and follow the school district calendar during their student teaching experience(s).  Student teachers do not follow the University of Arizona calendar while student teaching.

 A university supervisor, with teaching and content expertise, is assigned to each student teacher. University supervisors and cooperating teachers work together to form a valuable support system designed to ensure a successful student teaching experience.

 More information regarding the application process will be brought to you during regular class time late in the semester before you student teach.

Student Teacher Guidebook Information - 2018-2019 Guidebooks are now available.  

Click on the links below to review your respective guidebook.

The Elementary Student Teaching Guidebook 2018-2019, with the red cover, is for Elementary/ Middle School & Student Teachers in the Mild/Moderate Special Education program, their supervising practitioners and their program supervisors.  It contains important information about the student teaching experience and is meant to serve as a resource for those involved in this portion of the student's field work.   All students are responsible for the information contained within this guidebook before the student teaching experience.

Guidebooks will be available online by July 1st, 2017. - Check back!

The second guidebook, the Early Childhood - CREATE (Communities as Resources in Early Childhood Teacher Education) Program Guidebook 2018-2019, with its blue cover, is for all those involved in the Early Childhood Program.  This guidebook provides information about the entire two year CREATE program.  It includes information for Early Childhood Program Students, Mentor Teachers, University Supervisors, Site Coordinators and other interested school personnel.  Early Childhood Program Students are responsible for the information contained within this guidebook before their first student teaching experience.
Access to PDF versions of either the guidebook or handbook may be found at the links above, or if you prefer to have a hard copy, one can be purchased at a nominal cost through U of A Fast Copy in August 2018.  Here's the link to order one:


Career Fair Teacher Recruitment Opportunity Spring 2019!

For Whom:

The University of Arizona School District Partnership Recruitment Event is for Teacher Candidates Graduating in December 2018 AND for those graduating in May 2019.   

Date FEBRUARY, 12, 2019

1:30-3:00 pm  U of A Partner District Recruitment Event for our local school district partners. 

Where:  Tucson & Catalina Rooms in the Student Union

This venue will allow for private conversations with our local partners and may include interviews as well.  The following teacher candidates from across the campus should plan to attend: Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Special Education Candidates and Fine Arts Candidates!
The event from 2:00- 3:00 pm is an excellent opportunity to see what job opportunities our local partners have to offer.  Last year's event was highly successful and teacher candidates reported great satisfaction with the connections and opportunities that arose from their attendance at this fair.

3:00 - 5:30 pm Career Fair 

Where:  Student Union Main Ballroom
The event from 3:00-5:30 pm will include representatives from local, state, and national school districts will be in attendance as well as non-profit agencies. This is an excellent time for you to learn what is available to you job market-wise beyond Tucson.  Plan to attend!

What to Bring:  Several copies of Your resumé & your CAT card for attendance and name tag purposes.

Professional Attire Required

Attendance at this event is strongly encouraged.  If you are a student teacher, and you decide to attend, your attendance in the afternoon may be counted as part of your student teaching day.