Jones, Marie A.

Marie A. Jones, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of Colorado

• Professor
• Professor

Primary affiliation: Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

All associated units:
Teaching Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Room: 802

Toni Griego-Jones (Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching & Teacher Education where she teaches graduate courses in equity in schools and society, teacher leadership, school reform, and education of Mexican American students. She is currently leading a group of graduate students in a research initiative on preparing teachers for Mexican American students in public schools. This involves collaboration with faculty in the Mexican American Studies & Research Center, CEMELA, UA Library, TUSD, and Sunnyside School Districts. Her own research focuses on educational contexts for Latinos and on how Latino parents can contribute to more effective preparation of teachers for culturally diverse classrooms. She has actively engaged in university efforts to promote equity and diversity throughout the campus on numerous boards and committees, including the President’s Diversity Coalition, Board of Directors of the Association for Women Faculty, Millenium Oversight Committee, and is the University’s representative to the Metropolitan Education Commission.

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