Arenas, Alberto

Alberto Arenas, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

• Associate Professor

Primary affiliation: Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

All associated units:
Teaching Learning & Sociocultural Studies

Room: 721


Alberto Arenas is an associate professor who specializes in the intersection between environmental and sustainability education with sociology of education and history of education. Previously he was an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught at the Center for International Education. He was also a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Fellow in Colombia. Since 2008, he has been co-director (with Professor Marcela Vásquez-León) and principal investigator of the Study of the United States Institute, which brings Latin American students to the UA, most of them Indigenous and Afro-Latin American, to learn about the history and culture of the US with an emphasis on sustainability studies.

He is the author of over 60 publications and conference papers, and his manuscripts have been published in some of the leading educational journals in the world, including Teachers College Record, Compare, and International Review of Education. One of his publications, “Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development: The Challenges of Implementation” (2005), was published by UNESCO-UNEVOC in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

For the period 2012-2015, Professor Arenas is a member of the Commission on Education and Communication (North America and the Caribbean Region) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), based in Gland, Switzerland. In 2013, Professor Arenas is a member of the Scientific Committee of the 7th World Environmental Education Congress to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco. For the period 2013-2014, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant to do research in Mexico on environmental and sustainability education.

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