Doctor of Philosophy (Center for the Study of Higher Education)

The doctoral program integrates core courses in Higher Education, an area of concentration, and individually-tailored courses of study that encourage students to undertake course-work with faculty in a variety of departments. The core course-work (History and Philosophy of Higher Education, College Access, and Organization and Administration) provides a foundation enabling students to comprehend the central socio-political, cultural, organizational, and economic structures comprising and influencing American higher education as well as higher education globally.

The aim within each is for students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of concepts, theoretical frameworks, issues and practices in a particular area. Such work is organized to provide a solid foundation for students' doctoral dissertations as well as for their particular field of professional work. In addition to the concentration, doctoral students pursue a minor. The minor may be in higher education, in some other field (e.g. the student's area of master's work) or split between higher education and some other department.

The application deadline is January 15, 2019.

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Take a look at The General design of the Ph.D. Program in Higher Education for an explanation of the course requirements for the degree.