Faculty in the News!

Dr. Nolan Cabrera's major study and expert testimony on the positive educational outcomes associated with Mexican Americans Studies in the Tucson Unified School District played a PIVOTAL role in  the U.S. District Court (District of Arizona)'s ruling that the state's banning of Mexican American Studies was unconstitutional.


Dr. Jenny Lee serves as the lead evaluator of the UA Micro-Campus initiative.  The program and Dr. Lee's comments were featured in Inside Higher Education.


Dr. Jenny Lee and Dr. Gary Rhoades were awarded UA's first Department of Education Upward Bound Grant.  This $1.28M federal grant supports low-income and first-generation students at the Tucson Unified School District to train high school students in academic preparation, field research and financial literacy for the next 5 years.


As Director of our Project SOAR, which was conceived 10 years ago, Dr. Mary Irwin is taking inclusion, access, service, and diversity in new and innovative directions!


Dr. Nolan Cabrera was invited to The White House to consult with the Obama administration's My Brother's Keeper, a nationwide initiative to build ladders of opportunity for boys and young men of color.  He's partnering with Project SOAR to facilitate discussions of the challenges of race and masculinity.


Professor Gary Rhoades was selected for the honor of delivering the 2016 Burton R. Clark lecture on higher education. He asked the questions, "Managing to be different? Strategic imagination or ‘strategic’ imitation?" 


As part of a conference on "The trillion-dollar question: Reinventing student financial aid for the 21st century," Dr. Regina Deil-Amen sits with the American Enterprise Institute to push experts on financial aid gathered in Washington D.C. on to reconsider a more fundamental rethinking of the way aid is designed and delivered.  


Professor Jenny Lee has been appointed as a SENIOR FELLOW for the NAFSA Association of International Educators and contributed her thoughts on the effects of BREXIT on higher education. Her thoughts are also featured in University World News: "Will the new African passport improve academic mobility?” 


The American Association of Community Colleges featured Professor Regina Deil-Amen's work on the use of social media too connect and engage community college students.


Watch Dr. Nolan Cabrera put his expertise into action to defend the value of Mexican American Studies in Arizona!  More recently, he has extended his reach to Califorina to speak out about the need for Ethnic Studies in Califorinia in a legal battle summit and in his speech to the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education's Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Equity Committee Meeting.


Dr. Deil-Amen offers her perspectives through her OpEds in The Huffington Post and other mainstream media outlets.  Read about her opinions on Free Community College, the use of the SAT, and for-profit colleges. 


Invited to travel across the globe to deliver the keynote address, see Dr. Amanda Kraus at Singapore Management University's Diversity and Inclusion Conference: Education for Inclusive Workspaces.


Read Professor Jenny Lee's latest article, "Neo-Racism and Neo-Nationalism Within East Asia: The Experiences of International Students in South Korea,” published in the Journal of Studies in International Education.