Early Childhood in Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

“The UA College of Education takes the challenges that confront our nation’s education systems as our challenges.” - Ron Marx, Dean of the College of Education

Meet the Challenge
Arizona’s children need advocates, educators, policy makers, directors, and researchers who can create learning environments that are healthy, safe and engaging. Graduate work in early childhood prepares you for the challenge of leadership whether you are working with children, parents, community members, researchers or legislators. Graduate work in early childhood will challenge you to increase your knowledge, develop your practices, and shape the future for Arizona’s children. Graduate work is not only the next step in your career but also the next step for improving the lives of the children of Arizona. Is this your next challenge?

Looking to Lead
Those in early childhood find themselves in multiple roles. Yet we may not have been adequately prepared for those roles? Graduate work is an essential part of renewing, strengthening, and expanding our knowledge and practices. It is an opportunity to step forward and ensure that the youngest in society have opportunities.


Program Highlights

  • Multiple paths
  • Working with faculty who are advocates for Early Childhood
  • Opportunities to work on research and grants funded locally and nationally
  • Faculty and community advisors for mentors


Multiple Pathways to Your Degree

We offer two programs in the Early Childhood M.A. degree.  

The Language, Reading and Culture program offers a concentration in early literacy, children’s literacy, language acquisition and language socialization, linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism.  Possible courses include:

  • Language Acquisition and Development
  • Early Literacy Curriculum and Instruction
  • Written Language Development
  • Early Childhood Perspectives on Language Socialization Across Cultures
  • Art of the Picture Book
  • Literature and Literacy for the Young Child

The Teaching and Teacher Education program offers a focus on curriculum, professional development, research and policy.  Possible courses include:

  • Recent Research on Teaching
  • Curriculum Theory and Policy
  • Developing Programs for Young Children
  • Legislative Internship
  • Staff Development and Teacher Induction.

Both programs introduce students to research and evaluation methods in education, teachers as researchers, and methods for assessing young children.  In addition, students from both programs are enrolled in a number of common core courses focusing on development and the young child and on community-based approaches to early childhood education.

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