Program of Study for Doctorate in Special Education

The following is the program of study for the doctorate in special education. However, each doctoral student develops an individualized program of study with the help of the major advisor and the student’s doctoral committee.

Evidence-Based Practices in Special Education (18 units including selected specialization seminars)

Course number Course name Units
EDP 560 Introduction to Education Research 3
SERP 504 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Exceptional Learner 3
SERP 595D Recent Advances in Special Education 3

Research Seminars within Specializations (students select within their area of interest)

Course number Course name Units
SERP 595E Bilingual Special Education 3
SERP 695F Colloquium: Sensory Impairment 3
SERP 695G Colloquium: Issues and Research in Education of Gifted 3

Research (15 units)

Course number Course name Units
EDP 541 Statistical Methods in Education 3
LRC 605 Qualitative Methods in Education 3
EDP 667 Research Methodology and Professional Issues 3
SERP 590 Applied Research with Exceptional Learners: Single Subject Research Design 3
EDP 641 Selected Applications of Statistical Methods 3

Teacher Preparation (6 units)

Course number Course name Units
SERP 791 Preceptorship in College Teaching 3
SERP 571 Supervision in Special Education 3

Professional Knowledge and Skills in Higher Education (9 units)

Course number Course name Units
SERP 695N Colloquium: Professional Writing 3
SERP 696E Colloquium: Grant writing 3
SERP 695E Colloquium: Preparation for the Professoriate 3

Research Internships (21 units)

Course number Course name Units
SERP 900 Research with U of A Faculty variable
SERP 794 Research Practicum: Externship with Associated Faculty at Various Universities variable
SERP 794 Research Practicum: Field Experience variable

Dissertation (18 units)


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