Counselor Education Program Outcomes

The Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision regularly assesses its success in meeting program objectives and key performance indicators, graduation and placement rates, success in attracting diverse students, and other program outcomes. We continually strive to monitor our progress and to make program updates in response to our assessment process to ensure our students receive the highest quality educational experiences.

Doctoral Program Annual Report Annual Report
Each year, the program completes an annual report, which summarizes program performance over the preceding year. 

Student Demographics
The following tables show the gender, disability and race distributions of students at the beginning of 2019 and also projects the composition of the student body in Fall, 2019. We have not provided age information for the 2018 enrolled students due to the potential for making individual students identifiable, given the small program enrollment at the time.

Program Learning Outcomes
The program performs an annual assessment of its learning outcomes, which are closely aligned to its program objectives  (the program learning outcomes are also referred to as Key Performance Indicators [KPI]). This assessment is managed and reported in Taskstream. The assessment also includes associated actions that are identified associated with the results. 

Graduate Outcomes
Because the program has not yet graduated students in the Counselor Education and Supervision Program, we are not able to provide information on Graduate Outcomes. In the future, this section will include 1) the number of graduates for the past academic year; (2) pass rates on credentialing examinations (if any); (3) completion rates; and (4) job placement rates.