B.S.E. in Deaf Studies

About the major

A bachelor's degree in Deaf Studies will help prepare students for entry into the various fields related to Deafness, including interpreting, teaching, counseling, and job development.  

An emphasis area is required for this degree.  Each student either pursues the Educational Interpreting emphasis or designs their own emphasis area with the program coordinator (Dr. Cindy Volk).  Here are examples of some commonly-selected emphasis areas:

  • Educational Interpreting  (students wishing to pursue a career in ASL interpreting usually select this emphasis)
  • Counseling
  • Family Studies
  • Psychology
  • Or create your own emphasis area


Requirements for applying:

  • You must have completed approximately 60 units when you begin the program
  • You must have completed all composition, math, and 4th semester ASL
  • You must have at least two professional letters of recommendation
  • You must have an Identity-Verified Prints (IVP) card issued by AZ Dept. of Public Safety (Educational Interpreting Emphasis only)



    Contact an academic advisor for help with:

    • Determining where to begin in your ASL coursework sequence if you have high school or transferable coursework in ASLPlanning for professional admission and transfer to the UA
    • Creating an academic plan
    • Reviewing coursework sequencing, options, and transferability
    • Discussing the B.S.E. in Deaf Studies.

    Contact Associate Professor of Practice Cindy Volk for help with:

    • Determining ASL proficiency if you have not previously taken ASL coursework
    • Discussing grant funding opportunities
    • Planning for your specialization emphasis if you are not pursuing the Educational Interpreting emphasis
    • Learning more about career opportunities with this degree


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