Leisy T. Wyman

Leisy T. Wyman is a faculty member in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, and an affiliate faculty member of the American Indian Studies Program and Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Program at the University of Arizona (UA). Trained in language, literacy and policy, as well as cultural and social anthropology at Stanford University, she has worked for close to 20 years with Yup’ik Eskimo communities in Alaska. Since 2005, she has also worked with Indigenous educators and scholars as a faculty member and/or guest speaker of the American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI) at the University of Arizona.

She currently serves on the editorial boards of Anthropology and Education Quarterly and the Journal of American Indian Education, and reviews scholarly papers for journals in anthropology and education, bilingual education and bilingualism, and for the National Science Foundation Arctic Social Science program and Division of Research on Learning. Her books to date and works in progress include Youth Culture and Linguistic Survivance, (forthcoming, Multilingual Matters), a co-edited journal issue on Indigenous youth bilingualism for the Journal of Language, Identity and Education, a co-edited book on Indigenous youth bi/multilingualism in dynamic worlds (under review, Routledge), and Qipnermiut Egmirtellrit, a co-edited volume of Yup’ik elders’ narratives in two Yup’ik orthographies (Alaska Native Language Center). Her research appears in multiple edited volumes, including the Handbook of Research on Literacy and Diversity (Morrow, Rueda & Lapp, eds. Guilford Press, 2009), and the Companion to Anthropology and Education (Levinson and Pollock, eds., Wiley-Blackwell, in press), as well as International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Journal of Language, Identity and Education, Journal of American Indian Education, Gifted Child Quarterly, and World Studies in Education.


She teaches a range of courses related to language learning, anthropology of education, and Indigenous Education, including the following:

Language and Youth Culture in Indigenous Contexts (LRC 412/512)
Curriculum and Instruction in Bilingual and Second Language Settings (LRC 428/528)

Language and Culture in Education (LRC 504)
Educational Linguistics (LRC 554)
Qualitative Research Methods (LRC 605)
Language and Youth Culture (LRC 696)
Indigenous Languages, Cultures and Schooling (LRC 696)
Indigenous Perspectives on Human Development (Site instructor for multi-site videocourse with scholars and students in Washington, Hawaii, Alaska and Arizona)
Indigenous Perspectives on Well-being  (Site instructor for multi-site video course with
scholars and students in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, New Zealand and Arizona)
Grant Writing for Developing Scholars (LRC 795)