Jonathan G. Tullis

Dr. Tullis is the director of the Cognition And Memory in Education and Learning Lab.


The CAMEL Lab investigates how learning environments can prompt learners to capitalize on the innate strengths of memory, minimize the impact of the intrinsic weaknesses of memory, and decrease the efforts learners expend. Using basic research, math models, and applied research, we hope to further our understanding of fundamental cognitive processes so that we can more effectively structure learning environments to match the characteristics and quirks of cognition.

Examples of ongoing research projects include:

Computer Programming Transfer:  in this project, we are examining whether skills and knowledge gained during computer programming training improve subsequent mathematics learning.

Remindings:  we examine how the presentation of later related information impacts the memory and ability to transfer earlier studied information

Metacognition:  here, we explore how and how effectively learners monitoring and control their self-regulated learning.  


Check out the CAMEL Lab Website for more information.