Julia K. Olsen


Julia Olsen is Director of Teachers in Industry in the College of Education.  I received a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona (1989) and earned my PhD in Science Education (Teaching and Teacher Education) from the University of Arizona (2007), with a minor in special education.   Her dissertation research focused on developing computer-based instructional modules designed for the GEMS/LHS (Great Explorations in Math and Science/ Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley) middle school space science core curriculum sequence.  She is former middle school science teacher whose lengthy career focused on students with special needs and students from underserved populations.  She also have a strong background in computer science and educational technology as well as astronomy/earth science education and special education.  Her teaching and research interests focus on STEM education for students with disabilities/special needs and students at-risk for school failure, especially in the development of technology-based programs and materials to make science accessible for all students.