Maria L. Nahmias

Maria L. Nahmias (Ph.D. Northwestern University) is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies at the University of Arizona. Her previous appointments were at the University of Vermont and Goddard College. Dr. Nahmias’ work focuses on teacher education, professional development and mentoring, and collaboration among parents and educators. Her specialty areas in Special Education are learning disabilities and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders. Within the UA’s College of Education, Dr. Nahmias co-directed the INTERSTELLAR Program, an interdisciplinary program in language, reading and learning disabilities and Project ADEPT.

Dr. Nahmias’ work as an expert consultant has included NIMH grants on ADHD collaboration for parents and teachers, development of special educational programs and courses in an online community college environment, and work with families and agencies.

Maria is currently working as Principal Investigator and Director for the UA Arizona Teacher Mentoring Project. This outreach program of the College of Education is funded by IDEA and the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services. Professional Development of Early Career Special Educators is the focus of this important project. She has also provided service to SALT’s RMC Program at UA in 2008-2009 and is an Honors College faculty mentor, mentoring undergraduate students in research.