Renee T. Clift

Dr. Renée Tipton Clift is Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies at the University of Arizona. She received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University and has been on the faculties of the University of Houston and the University of Illinois. Her research investigates factors that affect the process of learning to teach, which includes preservice teachers’ learning, educators’ continuing professional development, and educational leadership. Her current projects include investigations of the relationships among policy, academic administration, and the self-study of education practice. She is also exploring the possibilities and potential of embodied ways of knowing in research and teaching. Dr. Clift has been honored with awards from the National Council of Teachers of English for her research on learning to teach English and from the Association of Teacher Educators for her contributions to the profession. She served as Associate Dean of the University of Arizona College of Education from 2009-2018.