Heidi Legg Burross

Heidi Legg Burross received her Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of Arizona's Educational Psychology department.  She has been a member of the department's faculty since 2002, teaching courses in development (EdP 301), educational policies (EdP 405), learning (EdP 510), statistics (EdP 541), assessment (EdP 558), research methods (EdP 560), and graduate teaching (EdP 693C).  Dr. Burross typically teaches 3-4 classes each fall, spring, and summer semester in live and online/hybrid formats.

Dr, Burross's research interests are varied.  She has published work related to preparing graduate students for the workforce, preservice teaching, assessment, motivation, and social relationships.  Her focus ranges from third grade through graduate students, with a particular interest on adult learning and development.  Dr. Burross is proud to have published with many colleagues, students, and former students across the nation.