$4.9 Million Grant for Improving School Climate



When educators work together to create safe and supportive climates for students and staff, violent and disruptive behavior is greatly diminished leaving more time for learning to occur. Strategies for creating these protective climates have been the focus of Dr. Bosworth’s research through several US Department of Education grants. This  year, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education and DPS faculty Drs. Sheri Bauman, Katie Eklund and Mike Sulkowski, Dr. Bosworth was awarded a 3-year $4.9 million grant from the National Institute of Justice for “Training School Resources Officers (SRO’s) to Improve School Climate and School Safety Outcomes.”  With this funding, the team will be working with 16 secondary schools in Arizona to build capacity with SRO’s, mental health  professionals and administrators to build protective and safe school climates. EDL doctoral student Sowmya Ghosh is a research assistant on the research team. If you are interested in more information, please contact Professor Kris Bosworth at boswortk@email.arizona.edu.