Beyond Bridging

Beyond Bridging is a joint venture of the University of Arizona Departments of Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies, Mathematics, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Tucson Unified School District to refine and evaluate a new model for teacher preparation targeting science and mathematics preservice and inservice teachers of K-6, low-income, culturally and linguistically diverse students. 

The goal of the Beyond Bridging Project is to design a support system that enables preservice teachers to integrate university science and mathematics coursework and practica with the day-to-day requirements and expectations of elementary school classroom practice. To achieve this support system, we create a collaborative space in which preservice teachers, inservice teachers, and teacher educators design field-based methods experiences in mathematics and science. The Beyond Bridging Project transforms the way we currently frame teacher education partnerships. Rather than asking preservice teachers to cross the bridge between university courses and classroom practice alone, preservice teachers in this project have the opportunity to work together with inservice teachers and university science and mathematics education faculty to build a new co-educational mathematics and science community.  


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