Educational Interpreting Program

A shortage of interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing individuals exists in Arizona and the US. The shortage affects elementary and secondary schools most severely. The Educational Interpreting Emphasis at the University of Arizona is designed to address this problem.

Students in Educational Interpreting receive education and experience to become interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing children in educational settings. Students are required to become fluent in American Sign Language, gain a cultural appreciation and respect of deaf culture, utilize current theories/models of interpreting and gain practical experience through school-based internships.

In 2018, students will receive a Bacehlor's degree in Deaf Studies upon successful completion of the program. Educational Interpreting is an area of emphasis within the Deaf Studies concentration. Previously, this degree was labeled Special Education and Rehabilitation (SERP). 

Stipends are available to full-time students attaining upper division status (56 credit hours). Some tuition waivers are available for part-time students.

Educational Interpreting Faculty 

Cindy Volk

Marie Tavormina

Requirements for applying 

  • You must have completed 60 units when you begin the program.
  • You must have completed all composition, math, and 4th semester ASL.
  • You must have at least two professional letters of recommendation.
  • A bachelor's degree in Special Education & Rehabilitation with a concentration in Deaf Studies will help prepare students for entry into the various fields related to Deafness, including interpreting, teaching, counseling, and job development.  
  • An emphasis area is required for this degree.  Each student designs their own emphasis area with their advisor (Dr. Cindy Volk).  Here are examples of some commonly-selected emphasis areas:
    • Educational Interpreting  (students wishing to pursue a career in ASL interpreting usually select this emphasis)
    • Counseling
    • Family Studies
    • Psychology
    • Or create your own emphasis area

Please contact Dr. Cindy Volk ( for more information about this degree.

Transferring from Pima Community College?

Subject to approval: 

ASL 200 will transfer as SERP 433B

ITP 201 will transfer as SERP elective

ITP 211 will transfer as SERP elective 

ASL 203 will transfer as SERP 433A

ASL 215 will transfer as SERP 433D

ITP 212 will transfer as SERP elective