Deaf Studies



Welcome to the Deaf Studies Program

Our program aims to foster an understanding of Deaf people as a linguistic and cultural minority. It is designed to aid students  in acquiring   proficiency in American Sign Language and applying their linguistic and cultural skills and knowledge to a particular academic area of study. From this foundation, they are prepared to engage in any number of professional fields related to deafness, including certified sign language interpreting. 

ASL fulfills foreign language requirements at the University of Arizona.

Click here for the Educational Interpreting Program. 
Click here for the Master's Program in Special Education - Deaf and Hard of Hearing (online program). 
Click here if you are interested in minoring in Special Education & Rehabilitation.

ASL Faculty

Holly Nelson

Sam Supalla 

Leslie Decker

Michael Peters

Jason Gervase

Jennifer Berrigan

Alex Lynch

Mi Young Jun (graduate teaching assistant) 

Click here for a list of course offerings. ASL courses are in high demand and are difficult to get into. We cannot accommodate extra seats. Click here for further explanation. 


If you have taken an ASL course prior to attending the University of Arizona, it is recommended that you take a language placement assessment through an interview with an ASL faculty member. The assessment determines language proficiency and which course best fits your ASL skills.  Please contact Holly Nelson at to schedule an interview.


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