Arizona Medical Education Research Initiative (AMERI)

Our Work

The Arizona Medical Education Research Initiative (AMERI) is a collaborative venture between the Colleges of Education and Medicine at The University of Arizona that investigates topics pertaining to medical education, diversity, climate and access to medical school.  Current research includes work with the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona (Tucson and Phoenix campuses).  AMERI also enjoys a close working partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

AMERI Publications

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Current Projects

UA College of Medicine Longitudinal Study
Initiated in 2008, the UA College of Medicine Longitudinal Study is a review, over time, of the composition of the student body at the UA College of Medicine--Tucson.  The study seeks to understand the experiences students bring to their medical education as well as the experiences they gain while in medical school.  The longitudinal design of this study allows AMERI to learn the educational value medical school provides students beyond medical knowledge.  Methods include administration of a new student survey during first-year orientation, and follow-up climate surveys for the remaining three years.  The study was expanded to include the UA College of Medicine Phoenix campus in 2009.

American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Climate Study
The UA Climate Study includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of the diversity climate at the UA College of Medicine.  Methods include student surveys (completed annualy in conjunction with the Tucson Longitudinal Study); student and faculty focus groups; and administration interviews.

Medical Admissions Research
AMERI has extensive research experience in design, implementation and review of holistic admissions processes, the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and investigation into factors that contribute to non-enrollment.

Gold Humanism Study - UA College of Medicine
The Gold Humanism Study is a partnership with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and the Gold Humanism Honorary Society to investigate what factors contribute to developing a humanistic approach to medical practice.  The Gold Foundation supports the practice of humanism in medicine, and this study seeks to impact the practice of medicine by identifying ways to enhance the likelihood a new student will exhibit humanistic characteristics.