Why is the UA College of Education a standout? Here are just a few bragging points to give you an idea:

  • In the last five years, the College of Education awarded more than 3,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees, including teachers, of course, but also researchers, counselors, school psychologists, special education teachers, principals, and superintendents — just to name a few.
  • Our alumni are known throughout the world! Think that’s an exaggeration? Check this out: Just about everyone knows Big Bird, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster. Because of Sesame Street’s worldwide reach — it’s shown in more than 120 countries — the program is considered the world’s largest educator. What you may not know is that its creator, Joan Ganz Cooney, is one of our grads!
  • We’re home to the state’s only programs to prepare rehabilitation counselors and educators of the deaf and blind. Our college is dedicated to the empowerment and inclusion of culturally diverse people of all ages with disabilities and special abilities.
  • The recently remodeled space on the fourth floor of the UA College of Education building is a magical place. It’s a place where lives change — thanks to the power of books. Worlds of Words: The International Collection of Children’s and Adolescent Literature is the largest collection in America, and it’s housed right here. In fact, there’s only one larger collection in the world!
  • Our field-experiences program is a nationally known model for teacher preparation. Here’s how it works: In the semester before student teaching, students take all of their methods courses at a local school. This not only orients students to their chosen field, it gives them the opportunity to apply what they are learning in a real classroom with real children. By the time our students graduate, they will have spent an entire year in a local public school.
  • For every dollar we invest in tenure and tenure-stream faculty salaries, there is a return of $1.42 in grant and contract revenue alone. These benefits are compounded by the hundreds of highly qualified education professionals we prepare for Arizona yearly.
  • We have a diverse student body. Nearly 27 percent of our undergraduate and graduate students are minorities.
  • We have a diverse faculty. About 23 percent of our college’s faculty is made up of minorities (16 percent of which is Hispanic).

We also boast many firsts:

  • Arizona’s first International Teacher Education Program
  • Arizona’s first — and still the state’s only — programs to prepare rehabilitation counselors and educators of the deaf and blind
  • The university's first professor in the National Academy of Education (Professor Luis Moll in our Department of Teaching, Language & Sociocultural Studies)
  • The nation’s first institute (American Indian Language Development Institute) devoted specifically to training American Indian educators in all fields of American Indian language study and research
  • The nation’s first Eye Movement Miscue Analysis Research Laboratory
  • The nation’s first Center for the Study of Higher Education in the southwestern United States